who am I ?

Ishita Sharma serves as a mirror, mentor and facilitator to those who wish to better the world around them, starting with themselves.

She is dedicated to catalyzing transformation in individuals and organizations, and brings 10+ years of corporate and personal development experience to her practice. Her mission is to realize a world that lives, loves and leads from awakened awareness.

Clients come to her to work through their biggest challenges and deepest wounds while being held in their perfect wholeness. They include multinationals, non-profits, CEOs, coaches, therapists, scientists, artists, school-children, long-term meditators and spiritual seekers. She points every one of them back to their center.

Her principled approach is fierce, incisive and grounded in loving connection. It reveals and questions underlying personal and systemic patterns at the level of action, assumption, belief and identity to impact and integrate lasting changes. 

Ishita deftly weaves eastern wisdom into western paradigms and leads transformational workshops around the US. Her process is informed by her own inner journey and explorations of neuro-scientific, somatic, relational, psycho-spiritual, trauma healing modalities, and a cultivation of felt-sense energetic attunement. She is certified in Core Energetics (somatic psychotherapy) and Reiki and facilitates VIEW workshops. Outside of leading people in Open Meditation, her own way of awareness and embodied inquiry, she draws on the world’s great contemplative traditions to match clients with practices best suited to their current needs.

Ishita creates and explores the world as a multi-disciplinary artist at studio-ISH. She has been a traveling fellow of the AIA, a columnist for the Dallas Morning News and published and recognized as an architect, poet, writer and photographer. Her architectural projects include the award winning Dallas Fort-Worth Airport and the Sixth-Floor Museum and the Lowell Trial Courthouse. 

Ishita is having a love-affair with life she wishes to make contagious! She wishes for you to feel safe, loved, free and whole. Here and now.