who am I ?


Ishita explores deepening self discovery and healing through inquiry into a fully lived life. A teacher, facilitator and a modern mystic, she is the founder and director of Come to Center. Ishita catalyzes transformation, through curiosity and action in individuals and organizations.

Ishita’s work is about wholeness- it integrates the journey towards self realization with a hearty embrace of a fully lived human life. Her approach brings together the body, mind, heart, and spirit to bring forward the fullest life in each person. As a strategist, she helps shape and nurture present, connected and energized work cultures. As a facilitator she guides healing by re-aligning deeply ingrained beliefs and behavioral patterns. Her approach is guided by the clients’ intentions and the inner wisdom each person holds. Fierce, incisive yet deeply compassionate, it is always firmly grounded in safe, loving connection.

Ishita’s unique blend of cognitive, somatic, spiritual and scientific tools allows her to match clients with practices best suited to their current needs. She draws from her own embodied experience, contemporary neuroscience, age-old spiritual practices, somatic and cognitive inquiry, Core Energetics (body+spirit based psychotherapy), group relational dynamics processes and direct energetic transmission, amongst others.

She works with a diverse group of clients including: conscious multinationals, startups, non-profits, CEOs, mental health professionals, scientists, spiritual seekers, designers and artists.


If one asks enough questions, the fundamental question of being arises: Who Am I?

Non-dual awareness disguised as Ishita Sharma is having a love affair with life she wants to make contagious! After a lifetime of investigating the fundamental nature of being, she left a prosperous career in Architecture to infuse existing personal and professional structures with essential self-knowledge her own investigations have yielded.

A mystic, a teacher and a skilled facilitator, Ishita offers a radical, yet accessible path to wholeness. Ishita facilitates embodied, conscious living by integrating new perspectives and practices into clients’ immediate context for sustainable benefit. Empowering others with authenticity and self expression, Ishita encourages living a fulfilling and prosperous life in alignment with one’s inner harmonic. She wishes for you to feel safe, loved, joyful and whole, here and now!

Ishita lives and leads from the clarity of her direct inner experience. Centered in awakened awareness, balancing profundity with playfulness, Ishita is building a conscious community. Come to Center is an invitation for you to join in the same. Read her story here. 


Ishita is currently integrating business and consciousness for personal and collective transformation and studying Core Energetics. Her lifelong explorations of existential truth via physics, psychology, neuro-science, art and various spiritual and healing modalities  inform her practice.

Ishita has studied with, and been studied by Dr. Jeffery Martin (the leading scientific researcher on spiritual awakening) at the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness as part of the Finders Course and the Explorers Course. She has received teachings from leaders in various traditions, including key insights from the late Sri Nisargadatta’s I Am That (Self Inquiry), Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Yoga, Steve Ulicny (Vedanta and Transcendental Meditation), Dr. Bob Easton (Ascension), Swami Sivananda Yoga, Adyashanti and Rupert Spira and Kate Rafferty (Transformational Kinesiology).

Ishita is a certified Reiki Level I practitioner and an advanced Mindfulness and Metta meditation practitioner.

*featured photo by Nikki Jane via Flickr