who am I ?


Founder and Director, Ishita Sharma is a transformational consultant, mindful leadership advisor and mindfulness & meditation facilitator. She advocates mindfulness and meditation as foundational tools for fulfillment and prosperity in the digital age. Ishita blends a decade of professional practice and a lifetime of contemplative practice to infuse contemporary research and age-old wisdom into existing personal and professional structures. Her clients include multinationals, startups and businesses in diverse sectors, non-profits, CEOs, scientists, designers and artists.

If one asks enough questions, the fundamental question of being arises: Who Am I?

Non-dual awareness disguised as Ishita Sharma is having a love affair with life she wishes to make contagious! After a lifetime of investigating the fundamental nature of being, she left a prosperous career in Architecture to infuse existing personal and professional structures with essential self-knowledge her own investigations have yielded.

Come to Center offers a radical, yet accessible alternative to living and working unconsciously in stress by integrating new perspectives and practices into clients’ immediate context for sustainable change and benefit. Empowering others to lead, work and thrive in digital times, Ishita weaves a decade of creative professional practice with a lifetime of spiritual and scientific inquiry to facilitate personal and organizational transformation from the inside out.

Ishita encourages living a fulfilling and prosperous life in alignment with one’s inner harmonic. She wishes for you to feel safe, loved, joyful and whole, here and now!

Centered in awakened awareness, balancing profundity with playfulness, Ishita is building a conscious community. Come to Center is an invitation for you to start doing the same with her.

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Ishita lives and leads from the clarity of her direct inner experience. Read her story here. She is currently studying conscious business for personal and collective transformation at the Earth Shakers Forum in California. Her lifelong explorations of existential truth via physics, psychology, neuro-science, art, spiritual traditions and healing modalities inform her practice.

Ishita has studied with, and been studied by Dr. Jeffery Martin (the leading scientific researcher on spiritual awakening) at the Center for the Study of Non-Symbolic Consciousness as part of the Finders Course and the Explorers Course. She has received teachings from leaders in various traditions, including key insights from the late Sri Nisargadatta’s I Am That (Self Inquiry), Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev of Isha Yoga, Steve Ulicny (Vedanta and Transcendental Meditation), Dr. Bob Easton (Ascension), Swami Sivananda Yoga, Adyashanti and Rupert Spira (Self Inquiry via online sanghas) and Kate Rafferty (Transformational Kinesiology).

Ishita is a certified Reiki Level I practitioner and an advanced Mindfulness and Metta meditation practitioner.

*featured photo by Nikki Jane via Flickr