Learn core energy skills to effectively embody presence and reduce everyday friction. Inside and out…

You will learn step-by-step instructions to demystify and access embodied presence, in every situation.

We’ve all heard about the importance of being present, but how can we know what that actually means?

Amidst all our everyday activities, it can feel difficult to find our way back to center, especially when we feel triggered and overwhelmed.

Handed down directly from teacher to student over generations, these precisely distilled practices which we refer to as Energetic Basics are a reliable path back to presence.

Foundational to successfully navigating everyday life in general, and challenging situations in particular, they are somatic, felt-sense attentions that can be cultivated with practice.

Whatever we are faced with or want to accomplish in Life, it flows smoother when we can reference our Self, anchor into this place and time, keep our personal space clear and fully inhabit it, while discerning what to take in and let out.

Not having these skills in place leads to unnecessary chaos and friction internally and externally, especially if engaging in inner work, meditative or energetic practices.

Yet, many transformational communities are unfamiliar with them, which leads to all sorts of trouble down the line…

This can show up as feeling scattered, untethered, resentful, unseen, entangled in other people’s emotions, not being able to discern what we feel, what we need, or separate our own ideas from others’, feeling drained or overwhelmed in everyday interactions etc…

You can save yourself painful detours by learning these skills now, and practicing them often.

Presence is not some abstract concept or an inaccessible esoteric state. It’s a reproducible process we can invoke with correct understanding, skills and practice.



5 Mondays
JULY 24 to AUG 21
12-1:30pm EST


5 Fridays
SEPT 1 to SEPT 29
12-1:30pm EST


If you want to join a class at AU friendly times, email Ishita.

Come learn and integrate these vital skills with personalized attention in a community of practice.

If cost is prohibitive, please inquire about partial scholarships. If you can support others in need, please add to the scholarship fund when paying.

FORMAT: 6 x 90 min weekly facilitated group calls.

To augment personalized and direct embodiment of learnings, please plan to attend sessions live.

You will receive a guided practice recording, upon completing the course.

1. Register
by completing this form.

2. Send payment to secure your spot.

3. Check email & spam for zoom link and other details to prepare for class 48 hrs before start time.

You will leave with greater skill and understanding of presence and how to re-center into it regardless of circumstance.

This experiential immersive will introduce you to these simple yet profound tools through your felt-sense experience, so you can put them into practice immediately and continue reaping their benefits over time.

Beginners are very welcome (this is basics!). And even if you already have a working knowledge of these skills, you will get a chance to explore them in greater depth with the added resource of shared space.

1. Resource
2. Self-referencing
3. Self-anchoring
4. Holding our own space
5. Filtering

These five skills must be practiced and established before introducing the next skills of energetic regulation. That skillset will be taught in a future workshop as BASICS II, once you have had a chance to practice skills introduced in BASICS I.

* You will be held in an energetic matrix designed specifically to help you become aware of and skillful with using your energy wisely.
* There will be space for teaching, practice, sharing and Q&A.
* You will derive the most benefit from attending both full days to receive the complete set of instructions.
* Recordings will not be shared, it is essential to attend sessions live to embody learnings.

Space is limited to facilitate depth, please register ASAP to reserve your spot and receive the zoom link.

If you have any questions, contact Ishita here.

What people say

“Even after being well established in non-dual awareness, its embodiment felt illusive at times- times when I was overwhelmed or triggered. I could sense places where I wasn’t actually inhabiting my body.

What does that mean? I was disconnected from the cues and signals my nervous system was giving me. I knew even though I felt “okay,” when I couldn’t access my felt-sense, I wasn’t actually being present!

Basics changed that radically.

They gave me words and precise anchors to find my way back into embodied presence, through overwhelm.

They are a gold mine! And that’s why I want to share them with YOU!

I am grateful to have received this distilled transmission from my teacher Lynda Ceasara, transmitted all the way from ancient mysticism through the Rosicrucian Order.

I use these practices every single day- to help my students, clients and myself come to center, regardless of circumstances. They are body habits of attention that once ingrained make everything else easier!

I have been humbled by how deeply transformative they have been for me and my students and clients. I offer them to you, hoping they will benefit you just as deeply on your path.”

– Ishita Sharma

“This (practice has) resulted in real time solutions for me and those I love.”

“I’m a different person after basics. I wish I had learned this 20 years ago!”

“The single most important thing you can share with the world.”

“I’ve had so many chances over the past weeks and months to be grateful for the work we’ve been doing. So many chances to feel the results in my heart and to notice them in my head and to feel them in my body.”

“I always find I am holding on to so much junk, and most of it isn’t even mine! I feel so much lighter after basics. I guess this is what being solid in myself feels like.”

About the facilitator

A mentor, mirror and mystic, Ishita Sharma is the Founding Director of Come to Center.

She helps clients heal disconnects and mine the gold hidden in everyday challenges to live a life that is fulfilling, engaged and joyful!

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