Something in you longs to come home.

To vibrant wholeness that is your birthright!
To align with your inner harmonic.
To the space in you where

You are whole. You are powerful.
You are love. And you are free.

How would it be to live this Truth?

My invitation to you:

Embody your deepest purpose! Awaken relational magic. Align with your natural impulse and spark your creative force!

You are ready, and this 12 month exploration is calling

June – June 2022-23

Join this transformational immersion to dive deep and reap the harvest you have been seeding your whole life!

Take your rightful place in the transformation of collective consciousness.

Heed the call to coherence along with inspiring peers committed to bettering the world around them. We will explore what healing and awakening look like when we come together as a community.

This 12 month long journey is calling change-makers, visionaries, healers, artists, scientists, magic-makers and quiet leaders who want deeper meaning as they embody their fullest expression!

Mine the gifts only you can bring alive!

This is a place for those who want to remember who they are, and deepen self-love and acceptance.

We’ll examine the core of your unique gifts, angst and yearning, while creating a life of authentic connection, alignment and meaning. 

Cultivate inner and outer coherence!

Transformation comes with committment- fueled by the power of desire for change. I will ask you to examine your issues from new perspectives, live your intention and take aligned action in your everyday life.

The power of our attunement, our shared intentions, insights, and alignment with deeper purpose will touch every aspect of our lives, our relationships, and the world we each touch.

Bring your desire to grow, willingness to meet your truth, and embody the change you wish to see.

You will learn a different way of seeing and being. As you discover the brilliance of being your authentic self you begin to discern and heed the call to coherence as it sings in you.

You will experience, perhaps for the first time, the power and magnificence of group cohesion and inter-dependence sourced from authenticity, mutual respect and trust. 

We will use cognitive, somatic, spiritual, emotional and relational tools and a mix of individual, paired and group work including in person retreats and online meetings. 

Come learn with and from others dedicated to personal and collective liberation!

A 1-1 conversation is the first step to apply for the course. We’ll tune into your unique needs and explore if this immersion serves you best.

About the Facilitator

The Founding Director of Come to Center, Ishita Sharma serves to elevate human consciousness from the inside out as a master coach, facilitator and catalyst.

She helps clients embody their deepest purpose and embrace the fullness of the human experience to live a truly vibrant, connected and fulfilling life!

She sees India as her Motherland, America as her Fatherland, and her role here as a bridge between cultures, paradigms and dimensions- marrying western intellect and eastern spirit through the wisdom of the human heart and body. 

Ishita sees the future of humanity is contingent upon healing division within and between us, as we heed the call of the times to wake up, grow up and show up together.

Join her on the adventure, in service of Truth, Love, Beauty and Joy!

A new world is calling…

If you’re ready to show up for yourself, we are here to show up fully for you

* Integrate everyday consciousness with awake awareness.
* Reclaim the sacredness of everyday life.
* Dive into the principles of mysticism and healing- somatics, energetics, group dynamics.  
* Intimate group for personalized attention.
* Clear longstanding patterns that cause you and others suffering.
* Bridge the chasm between your inner and outer reality.

The Logistics:
* Four residential weekend retreats – Friday- Sunday in person as soon as is possible, in a beautiful retreat center in sunny North Carolina.
* Twelve live, facilitated 2 hour zoom calls, recorded and shared only with participants.
* Four private 1:1 sessions with Ishita to support healing and integration.
* Paired work and partnered session exchanges.
* Personalized practices and readings to support your unique path.
* Experiential exercises, meditations, live facilitation, sharing and Q&A. 
* Most importantly- FUN! Surprise and real growth!