kind words

Derek DeAndrade, Old Mutual Asset Management/MIT Sloan, Boston MA

“I first met Ishita at an open meditation session she led in Boston and have been practicing with her ever since. She is a warm, compassionate and smart teacher who seamlessly integrates the “how” with the “why” of meditation. She excels in making the sessions relatable for students of all levels and backgrounds. Since beginning the sessions, I have seen improvements in my stress levels, productivity at work and my ability to embrace the present versus living in the past or future. I’m able to view each day through a new lens.”

Leslie Simpson, HR Manager, PCA Architects, Cambridge, MA

I highly recommend Come to Center to any workplace looking to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement. We all experience stress at some point- at work, at home, it’s inevitable. Ishita is teaching us the ability to be aware of this, recognize it, and shift our frame of mind. We are learning how to be more mindful and using her guidance and tools to improve our state of mind. Ishita’s work has had a very positive impact here at our firm, and we always eagerly anticipate her next session with us. Mindfulness is a skill we can all use!


Lorena Toffer, Architect, CityLab Co-Founder, Dallas TX

“An outstanding listener, Ishita’s guidance allowed me to reach deep and level of insight that was surprising yet so freeing! I was able to truly listen to myself. Being guided by her through the Finders program has created a dramatic shift in my wellbeing. Testing and trying different meditation, breathing and positive psychology techniques, is like creating a custom fit suit, just for you and finding your own way to yourself!

I was given the ability, time and flexibility to test various ways to open my mind, to silence it and find my true nature. Now I feel 100% anew! Creating time to be by myself with my breath is an intrinsic part of my day, not a chore. It is delightful to have an ongoing sense of peace throughout my day, to find a constant center – even when external situations could direct me otherwise.

Having Ishita as a trusted and compassionate facilitator, has allowed me to see and feel our ever present power to create and maintain healthy relationships and environments for own well being first, that in turn affects in the most positive way those we love.

I strongly recommend Come to Center, whether you are starting to meditate or are a seasoned practitioner. I’ve seen Ishita’s quest for her calling through the years and I’m grateful for being witness to her finding it and being it.”

Jillian D’Amato, CEO Runfellow + Interior Designer, Somerville, MA

“Come to Center’s workshop was transformative! I was admittedly skeptical at the onset of the presentation and wasn’t sure it was for me. But once Ishita explained the benefits and science behind meditation, I allowed myself to fully commit and I’m sure glad I did!

Ishita’s vast knowledge of meditation and mindfulness, paired with her lifelong practice and innate ability to captivate and nurture her audience, makes her a remarkable teacher and meditation instructor.

As a busy professional it’s easy to let the little personal time I have slip away to meet a deadline or get ahead. But Ishita’s workshop has encouraged me to make time to check-in with myself throughout the day and be more aware of my stress levels and productivity. Thank you for teaching me how to be present.”

Emily S, Design Consultant, TX

“Ishita has a true gift. She is wise and honest, with a calming spirit. I highly recommend working with her.

Before working with Ishita, as an ambitious professional and dedicated mother, I placed immense pressure on myself to succeed in all my roles in life. I often found myself stressed and anxiety ridden, a frequent recipient of severe panic attacks.

In working with Ishita, I’ve gained an introspective view into who I am and what really matters to me. I’ve learned methods to re-focus myself, becoming mindful of my true self. She has enlightened my view of myself and others. I am less triggered and affected by the actions of those around me, more gracious to myself and overall, a more peaceful person. I can notice anxiety patterns as they arise, and that positively changes how I feel!

Now I feel more aware and in control of my life, less like I’m surviving and more like I’m living!

Ishita’s gracious ease allowed me to be painfully honest with her and myself. Examining oneself isn’t always easy, and my work will never be quite finished, but Ishita has given me the tools to begin my journey.

Working with Come to Center has been a priceless and life-altering experience.”

Mark Eclipse, Principal, PCA Architects, Cambridge, MA

“Ishita gave an introduction to mindfulness to a large portion of our office (about 40 people). I was very impressed with her knowledge, preparation, and ease with which she presented- she was extraordinary! She helped us understand the benefits of meditation (the “why”) before getting into the “how.” This was a great technique for a big group of uninitiated people – it inspired us to want to learn and to continue after the session.

Ishita always knew the perfect tone to take – sometimes calm, sometimes energetic, and many times humorous. This helped us to relate to and feel comfortable with her. We surveyed all who attended and everyone gave her glowing reviews. We continue to have her back to lead more sessions.”

Dr. Patti Levin, Psychotherapist (retired), Boston, MA

“I went to Ishita recently for an Insight Session for help in stabilizing and deepening my awareness. She told me immediately that she wasn’t going to do anything. The “no thing” that she “didn’t do” thrust me into abiding awareness, and I wept tears of joy and bliss! Infinite beauty and nothingness, infinite opening, infinite stillness…

Huge gratitude and love to you, dear Ishita, for the no thing that you didn’t do, for extraordinary empathic attunement, for sharing your own experience, for gently reminding me to surrender and simply notice, and most of all, for BEING.”

Kathleen Dameron, Paris, France 

“I am a credentialed coach and have done lots of psychotherapy, personal development and travel on the spiritual path. I was going through a “dark night of the soul” and Ishita was just the right mix of compassion, presence and no-nonsense. She inspired and led me back to a higher presence.

“You are NOT what you are feeling.” She was able to connect with me and lead me back into SELF and awareness. And yes, also the ability to feel what is happening, yet not dissolve into it. To enable my witness and reconnect with my inner joy that has nothing to do with what is happening in my life at any given moment.

I highly recommend Ishita’s unique blend of psychological, spiritual and physical practices.”

Erik S, Harvard School of Epidemiology, Boston, MA 

“Working with Ishita will change your life- it did mine.

She patiently spurred me on toward daily practice and when the time was right, brought me into focus of my full capacities within. She has an amazing intuition for the needs of the moment. After working with Ishita for a full year now, I am so thankful to have tools to manage my inner space and meet life’s highs and lows with more and more ease.”

Peter Steinmetz, Educator, CT

“Working with Ishita was so rewarding! She helped me peel back the layers of my ‘identity’ and allowed me to see how my critical inner voice was clouding my perception of reality. Thanks to her warmth and natural ability to convey meaning, I truly feel more centered and at peace. She opened my eyes towards embracing the present moment: what an amazing gift!

While it is hard to ‘quantify’ the value of this, her service is incredibly valuable, and she has a gift. This world is a confusing place and I appreciate having guides who help me navigate through it, all while laughing.”

Nikki Hughes, Harvard, Cambridge, MA

“Ishita’s passion for meditation is infectious. It leaves you feeling centered, grounded, moved, energized (and a bit giddy) in the most balanced of ways. You can’t help wanting more- of her passion, her time, her knowledge, more of the space and silence she helps you access. And more from yourself, without any connotations of inadequacy or self-doubt.

She presents every concept, exercise and tool with such a deep yet approachable, understanding that you are in awe of her instruction, while simultaneously feeling like you are meeting her, in and with, that same understanding.

Ishita introduces meditation in a way that you lose any preconceived notions of it being an un-attainable feat best left to the masters but something you, I, we all can do and do every day. Even in something seemingly so small as taking few conscious breaths a day, she gracefully guides you in accessing the centering, clarifying and balancing benefits of meditation.

I am looking forward to growing through my practice and the various applications of meditation. Both on my own, with what I’ve already taken away from my sessions with Ishita, but also alongside her, for her guidance and that passionate spirit are invaluable.”

Dr. Sharon Niv, Neuroscientist, Sofia University, CA 

“Ishita helped me significantly deepen my awareness in our work together.

Our Direct Inquiry session led me to a place of deeper questioning of the self than I’d previously experienced. She facilitated my questioning of my mind extremely effectively, and led me with a sense of questioning that’s remained with me since. Beyond her skill, she’s a lovely, lovely person who emanates calm and positive regard.

It feels very fortunate to work with Ishita – she’s helped me to recognize my consciousness deepening and to trust my own unfolding.”

 Paul Surface, Business Consultant, Natick, MA


Bless you, Ishita, for guiding me through the Finders Course. Words cannot express the breadth and depth of metamorphosis of my being, just as it is impossible to express the metamorphosis of the butterfly.

I had heard about meditation and its potential value for a person’s life, but had never taken the time to actually experience Meditation. Over the years, I have been open to experiencing new methods to try to become a better me. So with an open mind and a bit of nervousness, I gave Meditation a try through Ishita’s gentle and loving guidance.

My meditations with her have brought me to never before attained levels of positive feeling, heightened awareness…and a connection to my world with clarity and peace.”

Jerry Johnson, Business Consultant, Boston, MA

“I had never practiced meditation, didn’t really understand “mindfulness” and only recently indulged in holistic medical treatments, so I think I qualify as a “traditionalist.” But I do follow current events and being aware that several leading businesses are incorporating meditation into their corporate wellness programs, I went to meditate with Ishita with an open mind.

I had a thoroughly enjoyable experience, and believe regular meditation can be very helpful for entrepreneurs and professionals dealing with the stresses of building or running a business.”

Matt Piontowski, Combat Veteran & Nursing Student, Medford, MA

“For the past several years I’ve attempted to meditate on-and-off, and yet rarely felt I was ‘doing it right.’ I never experienced that inner sense of peace that meditation practitioners talk of. Recently, a guided meditation session with Come to Center left me with what I’ve been missing out on all those previous attempts – a sense of calm, well being, and inner peace.

Our session really helped bring me back to myself, and enabled me to let go of the usual anxiety I experience leading up to a stressful situation. Awesome Stuff!

Thank you Ish for your incredible ability to guide the novice. I look forward to working with you more in the near future.”

John Conaway, Ph.D Geophysics, CA

“My practice is generally solitary but on a whim I decided to have a session with Ishita, without any particular expectations. It was great!  We had a quiet chat about how we would proceed and decided to do a guided inquiry.

Ishita handled it beautifully, maintaining a comfortable atmosphere that made it easy for me to go deep. She used my descriptions of my experiences to fine-tune her inquiries, displaying a fine intuitive feel for what was needed from moment to moment.

Most importantly, she pointed out subtle remnants of selfhood that I can now work on in my solo sessions. I greatly appreciate her help and will be happy to revisit her as needed – she provides a valuable service.”

 Dr. Amy Lindgren, Los Angeles, CA

“My session with Ishita was delightful! She is well versed in multiple forms of meditation and guided my entire session with both creativity and a graceful ease that facilitated deep peace and stillness. In addition, she provided pointers toward grounding practices that are much needed in my own daily meditation.

I whole-heartedly recommend Ishita to those seeking to start meditating, or to those wishing to deepen an existing practice!”


Cindy Vinson, Mindfulness Counsellor, Vancouver WA

“Even as an experienced practitioner, I’d come to one of those crossroads in my meditation practice that pop up from time to time. Ishita listened and asked questions about my situation and then led me on a guided meditation where a fresh perspective was available. In the week following, I used the method we’d practiced, and the new perspective blossomed into the insight I was waiting for.

Ishita is a warm and compassionate lady who knows her stuff! She has experienced first hand, many of the states we seek to experience in our meditation practices. This makes her a knowledgeable and compassionate guide for our own unique journeys.

Whether your goal is to expand an existing meditation practice and find new paths to higher states, or to simply start a meditation practice to manage stress and enhance general well-being, Ishita can help you put together a practice individual to you.

No matter what, my sessions with Ishita are always light filled, gently humorous and inevitably leave me smiling.”

Rachel Dorcean, Somerville, MA

“I would highly recommend Ishita and her services to anyone needing a little time to reset when things get hazy. I was introduced to her work at a time when I was overworked, overwhelmed and felt unappreciated in most of my relationships. The exercises and techniques taught in her workshops were a simple reminder that we all need a moment in our day to take the time to breathe and put things back into perspective.

It’s also a great help that Ishita has such a soothing voice and calm demeanor. I still practice the little tips she has taught me and plan to continue working with her in the future.”

Katie Reed, Phoenix, AZ

“Ishita kindly asked what I wanted to focus on during our guided meditation together. I designated a breath meditation. What I learned about the breath during our meditation together surprised me!

The breath has a profound connection with my life and the life of the Earth. It nourishes trees and plants which in turn nourish us. I learned how the inflow and outflow of breath within our bodies is autonomic. A pretty normal fact, yet I was able to experience a more intimate knowledge of my body that awakened me to the miracle of life itself!

Ishita exudes great warmth and it is delicious to be bathed in love and compassion as well as good cheer in Ishita’s presence. I experienced a connection with Ishita that allowed me to gain insights into oneness. How wonderful! Thank you Ishita”

Rich Murray, Imperial Beach, CA

“In our sessions, Ishita and I agree to let go together and allow inspiration to lead us into new levels of union. My sense of presence deepens and my visual field unifies and floats. As we acknowledge our resonance, back and forth, I feel free, open, natural…

Ishita slowly and gently guides me in open awareness of my body and breathing. Every phrase helps me easily experience with new levels of clarity and appreciation. I express gratitude, contentment, silence, peace and willingness for more.

Ishita led me into a precise process of Aum mantra meditation into elevated, stable, vast presence. It felt like reaching to where form merges with beyond-form. Better and easier than meditating alone!

The process led me to new levels of depth, clarity and easy expansion. Our mutual resonance is unusual, and will bear much fruitage for others.”

Sue Gallagher, Aurora, IN

“I found Ishita to be warm, gentle, loving and very intuitive. I felt like I had come home.

I absolutely love the time I spent with her. I felt squeaky clean. I was able to clear out my energy field and glow as bright as the Sun and can call up the energy of the Sun at will visualizing that hour…

When I am not dancing physically, I am dancing in my mind. I will continue to dance, dance dance!”