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We help you meet workday challenges with embodied presence, resilience and clarity. Foster a resilient, engaged and innovative culture where people can bring their best selves to do their best work.

” I highly recommend Come to Center to any workplace looking to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.” -Leslie S., HR Manager PCA Architects


We co-design strategies and facilitate experiences to establish presence, connection and psychological safety as the bedrock for effective collaboration in your workplace. 

Our holistic, personalized approach uses surveys, interviews, check-ins, keynotes, workshops, discussions and individual, partnered and group practices to drive engagement and accountability. Every commitment varies in scope and approach. Below are examples of customizable offerings. Contact us for a free consultation to get started. 

Come to Center Foundations
An educational and experiential introduction to the why, how and what of meditation, mindfulness and effective leadership to inspire transformation.

We will discuss the relationship between presence and efficacy, what meditation is and isn’t, how it works in the brain and how it benefits your personal and professional life. You will leave with practical tools that you can apply immediately at work and at home.

Focus + Resilience
Enhance concentration and develop flow. We address impediments to effective action while cultivating presence amidst overwhelm. You will learn new tools to identify triggers, manage stress, strengthen focus, build impulse control and transform the stress response into capacity for effective action.

Creativity + Innovation
Create space for fresh perspectives to emerge and build your team’s creative confidence. We will use design thinking, empathy and mindfulness to unleash your innate capacity for innovative, creative problem solving.

Compassionate Leadership 
Research shows that compassionate, empathic leaders routinely out-perform others. You will learn the basics of compassion and tools to help you lead better and build teams based on trust, gratitude and empathy that reduce burnout and turnover.

Mindful Communication

Successful teams are founded on psychological safety and effective communication. We will use practices rooted in emotional intelligence, mindfulness and somatics to tune in, listen and speak from centered presence.

Contact us to customize offerings. 


We combine the latest research in neuroscience, positive psychology, organizational dynamics and behavioral science with mindfulness and age old meditative wisdom.

People of all levels in organizations can access and benefit from our mind, heart and body based tools for enhanced wellbeing and performance through:

On-site Workshops

Our in-person presentations and intensive series educate, inspire, create accountability and foster authentic connection. We make content engaging and relevant to your everyday experience.

One-on-one Coaching/Consulting
Your core leaders and top performers will enhance their skills by delving deeper to unblock limitations and integrate our powerful tools for maximum benefit.

Group Facilitation
Enhance trust and deepen connection in your core leadership team for increased cohesiveness and effective action.

Ongoing Sessions
We offer weekly, monthly or quarterly refreshers to re-charge and establish habits that foster sustainable change. (Our Foundations class is a pre-requisite).

We lead half or full day sessions to bring personalized tools to executive retreats, industry conventions and conferences.

Pilot Champions
We help you identify and train pilot champions within your organization to lead programs for colleagues.

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