Promote wellness, nurture personal growth and gain market advantage! Cultivate focus, loyalty and authentic communication while increasing collective capacity for effective action.

Come to Center collaborates with organizations to nurture presence and wellbeing, and embody conscious, compassionate leadership.


Come to Center tailors workshops to address your team needs by integrating tested scientific, creative and contemplative practices into the workplace in effective, accessible and fun ways. Our unique approach is designed using pre-surveys, interviews, follow up check-ins, and incorporates learning, discussions and individual, partnered and group practices and play.

The following themes serve as customizable examples for our classes and workshops:

Come to Center – Foundations (1.5 hrs)
This accessible workshop has reversed staunch skepticism about meditation and hailed as transformative! Grounded in science and everyday experience, it serves as an introduction to the relevance of mindfulness and meditation in the immediate context of your workplace. The approachable content and format aim to pique curiosity and encourage self exploration in fun and relevant ways!

Together we will discuss presence, work-life integration, what meditation is (and isn’t), the neuroscience, its physical, mental, emotional and physiological benefits. Then we will practice one simple centering meditation exercise, share our experience, answer questions and discuss practical applications to real life situations. Let’s get started!

Focus and Resilience (1.5 hrs x 8 week series)
How can we choose our focus in a field of noise to meet everyday challenges and opportunities with ease? How can we cultivate  presence, increase focus and invite flow?

Reclaim your time and change your relationship to stress. In this intensive workshop we will address impediments to effective action while cultivating presence and centering amidst overwhelm. You will learn tools to identify triggers, manage stress, strengthen focus, build impulse control and transform the stress response into the capacity for centered, effective action. Let’s get started!

Creativity and Innovation (2 hr workshop OR 1hr x 6 week series)
Where do insights come from, how can we invite more of them? How can we dance with the formless unknown, teasing it into form? Creativity entails expanding our perception and dancing with uncertainty with curiosity and ease. We will tap into our sub-conscious to create space for fresh perspectives with a special flavor of meditative practice, and  explore building creative confidence.

Ishita’s experience leading design culture at creative firms and as an artist, coalesce with her contemplative offerings in this unique workshop. Let’s get started!

Mindful Communication (2 hr workshop OR 1hr x 6 week series)
A successful team is founded on psychological safety and open communication. We will use practices rooted in emotional intelligence, somatics and mindfulness to hold space, listen and speak from centered presence. We will look at body language, subtle and subconscious cues to help us tune in and be present for each other.
Let’s get started!

Ongoing Guided Meditation Sessions (1hr x desired frequency)
Our Foundations course is a pre-requisite for recurring sessions. Ongoing guided Mindfulness and Meditation sessions are available to organizations who wish to cultivate a conscious and present workforce on a weeklymonthly, bi-monthly or quarterly basis. Sessions are designed to help employees nurture and hone their practice. These welcome breaks in the work-day allows employees to de-stress, re-center and work smarter. Contact us to discuss your preferred format and pricing. Let’s get started!

Convention Services
Bring workplace mindfulness and meditation to your industry convention or meeting! We offer introductory on-site sessions to empower attendees with the basics of meditation at your convention. Setting a solid foundation, participants will leave with powerful tools they can begin to apply immediately to everyday challenges at work and outside. Contact us to discuss your preferred format and pricing. Let’s get started!

Customized Services
Contact us to customize any offerings for half or full-day sessions at executive retreats, trainings, seminars or your industry conferences. Contact us to discuss your preferred format and pricing. Let’s get started!