workplace wellbeing

Presence, Self Regulation and Emotional Intelligence in the workplace are vital to harness technical, managerial and leadership skills in the Attention Economy. 
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Global leadership today recognizes that economic, social, ecological and personal wellbeing go hand-in-hand. A clear mind is the ultimate resource. Navigating workplace challenges without a centered inner space leads to underperformance, stress and burn out. Cultivating the inner life of individuals is pivotal for the success of every organization. Technical skills are only the beginning, now more than ever we need centering skills to respond rather than react under pressure.

Mindfulness and Meditation in the workplace help nurture an environment where all can thrive. All business at its core is about augmenting human wellbeing, and all work is ultimately about love and trust.

The Statistics + Case for Workplace Wellbeing

Empowering employees with tools for inner wellbeing empowers your organization to succeed. The WHO and Gallup note that US businesses lose up to $300 billion/year due to employee stress correlated to absenteeism, disengagement, depression and anxiety. Recognizing this, leading organizations like Google, Aetna, Target, Goldman Sachs and many more already incorporate meditation into the workplace. A recent study at the Harvard School of Public Health shows that every $1 spent on wellness programs brings back $3.25 in returns. Your organization cannot afford the high price of workplace stressHarvard studies have shown 46.9% of minds are wandering and correlated with unhappiness. Imagine how 46.9% more presence could affect team engagement, productivity and happiness!

Employee needs are human needs: even the most skilled employees must feel safe, valued, engaged and aligned with organizational values and mission to truly prosper. It is time to invest in presence and wellbeing in the workplace!
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