Metamorphosis is all around you.

Make no mistake- change is brewing within and around you. These historic times are here to catalyze growth. Will you embrace or resist the call?

You are here and the time is now.

Nov – Dec 21

New Moon through Winter Solstice

Join a transformational intensive to dive beneath the surface and nourish the seeds for the harvest you wish to reap.

Release your past to answer the call of your future!
Heal inner division and outer radiance.
Create a community of care to nourish your soul.
Take your place in the blossoming of collective consciousness.

Join this intimate container focused on releasing the past and paving the path to your intention with others who share your want for a better world. We will explore and live the big questions of these times, like:

What is possible when we show up as who we truly are, rather than trying to be who we think we should?

How can chaos be generative and healing?

How can we break through old patterns and conditioning?

What we can shift when we come together in honesty, compassion and openness?

Align intention, attention and action.

This is a deep dive for people wanting grounded spiritual development and healing around what’s arising in our inner landscape as the external shifts.

And it all starts with the seed of your soul’s longing.

The group size is small for intimacy and depth. We will set intentions for ourselves individually, reflecting the overall group. You will bring a live issue you want to work through or a quality you want to cultivate and we will seed it into the group’s field encompassing all our intentions.

We will explore the personal, inter-personal and trans-personal dynamics of our intentions and hindrances that surface in our everyday lives.

I will ask you to live your intention.

Transformation comes with commitment- fueled by the power of desire for change. I will ask you to examine your issues from new perspectives, live your intentions and take aligned action in your everyday life.

The power of our attunement, our shared intentions, insights, and alignment with deeper purpose will touch every aspect of our lives, our relationships, and the world we each touch.

I will hold a mirror to your light and your shadow.

I will challenge you in service of your freedom and growth. Bring your desire to grow, willingness to meet your truth, and the courage to embody the change you wish to see. Bring your open heart and curious mind to meet others in a field that unifies and amplifies the power of both.

A 1-1 conversation is the first step to enroll in the course. We’ll tune into your unique circumstance and explore if this intensive serves you best at this time.

Learn more at our free Community Call.
October 15th, 7pm EST.

Community Call!
centering . connection . clearing

In times of upheaval, true community is balm for the soul. And a community is created when we come together in our truth, our love, our fullness, in service of something bigger than ourselves.

This will be such a call. 

Come experience the work for yourself. Bring the stories you are living, your curiosities and your wants.

We’ll explore the external forces that shape our inner landscapes and create a spacious experience to access inner resource. You’ll experience the beauty of an emergent field of love and its power to heal in community. 

There’ll be space to share, ask questions and learn about the Transformational Group Intensive starting November 1.

  • Topic: Centering, Connection + Clearing
  • Date: Thursday, October 15, 2020
  • Time: 7:00 pm – 8 pm EST (check your time zone here)
  • Investment: All are welcome, our compliments
  • RSVP: Register below for zoom link

About the Facilitator

Ishita helps clients embody their deepest purpose and embrace the fullness of the human experience to live a truly vibrant, connected and fulfilling life!

She sees India as her Motherland, America as her Fatherland, and her role here as a bridge between cultures, paradigms and dimensions- marrying western intellect and eastern spirit through the wisdom of the human heart and body. 

Ishita believes the future of humanity is contingent upon healing division within and between us- to waking up, growing up and showing up together.

Come with her on the journey, in service of Truth, Love, Freedom and Joy!

A new world is calling!
Take your place in it.

Take advantage of these transformational times to shift a long-standing internal pattern with others committed to shared values.

* Learn basic principles of mysticism and healing. 
* Intimate group for personalized attention.
* 6 live, facilitated 2 hr zoom calls- recordings shared only with participants.
* Guided meditations and step by step practices to cultivate presence.
* Tools to access group intelligence, deepen connections and create a real community of care.
* Experiential exercises, meditations, live facilitation, sharing and Q&A.
* Personalized home practices, sacred tasks and partnered accountability. 
* Most importantly- FUN! Surprises and real transformation!