Embodying Authentic Power


How can we use power in service of collective healing?

An experiential live online session open to the public
live from the Truth & Reconciliation Week 2021

SUNDAY, JULY 24 2021
12:00 pm – 1:30 pm EST


How we relate with power within and between us affects health, expression, purpose and relationships.

Exercising power wisely is key to our professional, relational, emotional and physical wellbeing.

Surrounded by distorted examples of power that often confuse it for dominance, while some of us grasp for power, others actively disown it. In reality, both approaches lead to personal and collective destruction.

What is authentic power?
How can we embody it?
How can we wield it in service of healing and liberation?

Join Ishita for an intimate, experiential evening where we will experiment with a way of being in relation to each other and ourselves that deepens presence, authentic empowerment and heals division.

Bring your curiosity and the willingness to see and be seen.


  • Explore the mechanics of power dynamics within and around us.
  • Practice somatic exercises to experientially understand the same in your immediate context.
  • Access inner resource and chart a path forward aligned with true power.
  • Experience the healing capacity of group coherence.

There’ll be space to share, ask questions and learn about MURMURATIONS – a transformational community starting soon to realize your deepest intentions and demystify the mystical with inspiring peers.


Come to Center’s work along with that of a global community of practitioners at TRW is offered in the spirit of generosity, and as such there is no fee to attend.

In the same spirit of generosity, you are encouraged to honor and support this powerful work by donating an amount that feels good to you to aid a COVID-19 relief campaign of your own choosing.

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Driven by the insight that we are all victims of victims and each of us has been or is complicit in being both, an oppressor as well as an oppressed, we believe the severe polarizations we are seeing across the world through the COVID pandemic, are a mirror to the whole Human race.

Revealing the urgency of healing oppressor-oppressed wounds in our collective Unconscious, if we are to move forward as a more enlightened and unified species.


About the Facilitator

Founding Director of Come to Center, Ishita Sharma integrates timeless and timely wisdom to elevate human consciousness from the inside out.

She helps her clients heal disconnects and mine the gold hidden in their biggest challenges to embody their deepest awakening, and harvest the joy of a fully lived Life!

Ishita contends humanity’s future hinges on healing division within and between us. She facilitates a path from “me” to “we” space to reap the healing power of our interconnectedness.

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