Ishita speaks on inner wellbeing by playing with the delicious overlap of science, creativity and spirituality, and its implications on fulfillment and prosperity in digital times.

Heartfelt, genuine and captivating, her talks address questions she has pondered since her childhood- Who am I? What is life? Why is sense perception pointed ‘outwards?’ etc. etc.

Mixing profundity and play, appealing to your intellect and intuition, Ishita illustrates why these questions are relevant today and the wisdom they point to, while drawing on her own multi-disciplinary journey to Truth and wellbeing.

Adept at addressing her audience’s particular interests and challenges and an experienced public speaker, Ishita is comfortable addressing audiences of all sizes. Her transformative talks leave audiences with plenty of food for thought and practical tools for inner wellbeing they can apply to their lives.

Enquire here about booking talks based on the following themes:

  • Presence and Resilience in the Attention Economy : Come to Center
  • Meditation and Inner Transformation : The Only Way Out is In 
  • Conscious Leadership : Presence and Mindfulness in Business and Education
  • The Search for Self : Beingness, the Hard Problem and a Theory of Everything
  • Mind-Body-Behavior Connection Living in the Body
  • Mindful Eating : Making your Food Body 
  • Awakened LivingEngagement without Entanglement