public speaking

Ishita speaks on conscious living and whole leadership. She creates experiences that invite you into the delicious exploration of your own experience with curiosity and wonder.

She invites the evolution of her audience’s consciousness into wholeness through living a full life, seeding and exploring questions like:

How do we solve our greatest challenges while staying true to ourselves? How do we act while owning our truth, our heart and our power.

How do we create a culture of trust and love where we could meet eachother with authenticity and vulnerability? At home, in our offices, in our communities?

How do we bridge the split between business and consciousness, personal and professional, heart and mind, masculine and feminine? Within ourselves? In our companies? In our world?

Heartfelt, genuine, and captivating, Ishita shares her explorations of fundamental questions she has pondered since childhood- What is life? What am I? etc. 

Mixing profundity and play, appealing to your intellect and intuition, Ishita illustrates why these questions are relevant to you, and the wisdom they point to, while drawing on her own unconventional journey towards a fulfilling and prosperous life.

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