How can we design systems that sustain and augment coherence and congruence within and around us? 

Ishita loves addressing different audiences, sharing the call to coherence. Beyond speaking, she radiates a field that ignites inner fire and reflects your inherent wholeness.

Using real-time facilitation these bespoke experiences deepen connection, wonder and inspire alignment within each attendee, opening new ways of seeing and being, while teaching tools to integrate these shifts into daily life.

Ishita speaks on embodied spirituality, consciousness and leadership, relational intelligence, trauma healing and authentic living that includes and expands beyond our egoic selves.

Her vibrant, genuine and compelling presence is immediately relatable and disarming. Incisive and often humorous, she deftly mines the emotional, relational and spiritual intelligence in every room in service of collective growth and liberation. Her talks explore what it means to live as embodied, awake and mature human beings in the 21st Century.


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Speaking engagements are tailored to audiences ranging from business leaders to spiritual seekers. They can take the form of keynotes, facilitated break out sessions, full or half day workshops and beyond. Themes Ishita truly loves addressing include:

  • Come to Center : Heed the Call to Coherence!
  • Presence : Embracing What Is
  • The Big Questions! : Who am I? Why am I here? What is my Purpose?
  • Ageless Wisdom in Modern Life : Universal Truths for Contemporary Seekers
  • Wake up! Grow up! : Non-Duality, Embodiment and Trauma Healing
  • Beyond Awakening : Embodied Authenticity in Everyday Life
  • Radiant Relationships : Liberation through Relational Intelligence
  • Living in Grace : Transcending the Myth of Lack
  • True Power : Vulnerability, Response Ability and Inner Alignment
  • Inner Leadership : Who You Are is How You Lead
  • Whole Leadership : Integrating the Masculine and Feminine at Work
  • Wholeness : Integrating cognitive, heart centered and body based wisdom
  • Healing Personal and Systemic Trauma : Breaking Paradigms of Internal Oppression