How can we live, love and lead from authentic connection?

How can we align personal and collective purpose?

How can we design systems that augment coherence within and between us?

Ishita Sharma facilitates and speaks on the evolution of human consciousness- awakening, healing and embodiment. Her talks inspire self-transformation and inquiry into living a connected, vibrant and fulfilling life today, one that includes and expands beyond our egoic selves.

Drawing on her multidisciplinary journey as a transformational facilitator, healer, architect, designer, writer and artist, Ishita stitches together our human search for wholeness and connection with ways to create personal and collective structures to nurture the same.

Her warm and genuine presence is relatable and disarming. Incisive and humorous, she draws out the emotional, relational and spiritual intelligence in every room in service of collective growth and liberation. Her talks explore what it means to live as awake and mature human beings in the 21st Century.

Beyond speaking, she radiates a field that ignites inner fire and reflects your inherent wholeness. Using real-time facilitation these bespoke experiences deepen connection, wonder and inspire alignment within each attendee, opening new ways of seeing and being, while teaching tools to integrate these shifts into daily life.


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