who am I ?

If one asks enough questions, the elemental questions of being arise: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where am I going? An avid explorer of the core mechanics of being,

Ishita Sharma serves as a mirror, mentor and activator to leaders, visionaries and seekers working to better the world, starting with themselves. She helps them self-actualize and embody their deepest purpose while rising beyond ego-centric paradigms.

She works to realize a world that lives, loves and leads from enlightened awareness.

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Ishita brings an ongoing life-long contemplative practice, a rich healing journey and 15+ years of corporate experience to transformational work. She draws on her unique ability to attune to her clients’ nervous systems, guiding confusion into clarity and activating their capacity for effective action.

Clients come to her to grow through their biggest challenges and deepest wounds while seen and held in their perfect wholeness.

They include executives, entrepreneurs, spiritual seekers, coaches, therapists, scientists, creatives, multinationals, non-profits. She points every one of them back to their center.

Ishita has coached leaders from Google, Harvard, MIT, Silicon Valley startups and visionaries across the world. She has consulted in companies across multiple sectors including Brightsphere, Acadian Asset Management, Perkins + Will, Brandeis University to increase organizational effectiveness and well-being. 

Ishita facilitates workshops internationally on conscious leadership, group cohesion, conflict resolution, healing and awakening. She has trained and received direct mentorships in various neuro-psychological, meditative and healing modalities including Holistic Somatic Psychotherapy, Energetics, Transformational Kinesiology, Ageless Wisdom, Conscious Business and Conflict Resolution and Reiki. 

Giving back is at the heart of Come to Center. Ishita serves on the Board of Directors of the Bridgeway Group, focused on peace-building in conflict zones worldwide and as a member of Nurse Groups, providing resilience trainings for nurses on the front lines of Covid-19. Ishita donates 1% of yearly profits to Free the Slaves– dedicated to lifting the world’s 27 million captives out of bonded slavery, and directly to the homeless in her local city. She has written for the Dallas Morning News and various other publications raising her voice for the elevation of human consciousness.  

Her principled approach invites inquiry at the level of action, belief and identity to reveal and heal the core of deep rooted personal and systemic patterns. It is incisive and grounded in spacious, loving connection, informed by direct experiences of wholeness and the interconnectedness of all things. 

A modern mystic, Ishita bridges the seen and unseen, deftly weaving eastern science and western wisdom to help people thrive in contemporary life. Outside of leading people in Open Meditation, her own way of awareness and embodied inquiry, she draws on the world’s great wisdom traditions to further her clients’ evolution.

Come to Center is fueled by her commitment to deepening and sharing the freedom and healing she has realized by living the processes she now facilitates.