Embodied transformation for change-agents, seekers and visionaries committed to bettering our world, starting with themselves.

“If you’re hungry for movement in your life and willing to dig deep to create it, Ishita is your person…The results: clarity, awareness, ownership, appreciation, aliveness – and more love for yourself. Working with Ishita has been valuable to me on a lot of levels, and I highly recommend her.”

Nate Ball
Entrepreneur, Author, TV Host, Speaker + CEO

What keeps you from fully loving yourself, your life?
What if every experience became an invitation to know & love yourself more deeply?
How would your life be different? 

Wherever there is suffering, stuckness, we are in resistance to reality, and out of inner alignment. As humans, our self-reflections contain intrinsic blind-spots that distort our experience of reality and our self-image, while perpetuating self-defeating patterns of thought, emotion, behavior or identification that cause us to suffer.

If you want to grow, if you want to wake up, if you want to embody your fullest expression – you need a mirror that can reflect the reality you are living back to you.

Ishita acts as that mirror in service of the transformation you desire- allowing you to see yourself clearly- reflecting your wholeness, truth, beauty, power, and the complex shadows of the past that still haunt your present.


As you bring new consciousness and energy to old patterns clarity, joy, and effectiveness follow.

Unconscious belief structures, valued and disowned identities and repetitive behavioral patterns are revealed where they limit your expression and transformed into flow and coherence.

It heals inner division, confusion and persistent blocks where years of inner work and spiritual practice may have not. It draws on the wellspring of true power that lies in your core to catalyze your relationships, your purpose and how you show up in life. It yields deep recognition of the magnificence at your center and its embodied expression.

When you can embrace yourself and whatever life brings with awareness and acceptance and live from the wholeness at your center-without needing anything or anyone (including yourself) to be different, you are free. Then you can welcome the unfolding now, respond to it as needed and life becomes a welcome adventure!

Clients find ease and flow in their work, their relationships and their inner world, the more deeply they know and accept themselves.

This work is not for everyone. You don’t have to do this work. You don’t need to do this work. It is here for you if you truly want to do this work.

It is for those who committed to deepening in truth and love and willing to meet themselves as they truly are. It is for those who are dedicated to influencing positive change in the world they touch.

Each individual’s arc is guided by their unique intention and gifts. Our work together integrates the somatic, cognitive, emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of being an awake and mature human being. It includes a mix of 1:1 work, work with a significant other, and the community you wish to nurture deeper connection with.



How would it be to live this truth?

It is clear that this work uplifts every aspect of life. How this happens, what exactly does it, is a mystery! There is no step-by-step process nor any healing formula. All that can be said is, when we invite the intelligence of your body, mind, emotions, spirit and align with your unique life purpose, the intelligence coming through you makes magic happen.

People become more self-aware, fall more in love with themselves and others, and their lives become a clearer, more joyous expression of their authentic self. Clients experience deep release and paradigm shifts. As the imprints of the past are released, new love, freedom and power emerges. Shadows of blame, shame, fear and guilt heal.

In the course of our work it isn’t uncommon for addictions to fall away without efforting, for clients’ faces, voices and bodies to change. Their inner voice, professional and intimate relationships, everyday decisions and interactions become more aligned and easeful.

As they discover and embrace deeper parts of themselves, clients are able to live with joy and vibrance and heal longstanding inner and outer conflicts.

This way of working asks for courage, humility and authenticity from both client and facilitator. Each session is tailored to your’ particular needs in present moment arisings within a container of loving acceptance and accountability in service of your intention. All parts of you are welcome and held in a space that opens up your innate capacity to heal and embody your truth, heart and power. Ishita brings all of herself to each session and asks that you show up with the same deep commitment to your own growth and freedom.

If you are ready to face and embrace all parts of yourself, if you want to embody your personal power and love your life, if you are ready to take your place amongst those who are awakening to higher purpose and serve something bigger, the time has come to step into this work. All you need to take the first step, is to be curious- let’s talk!

Come live the big questions with us!

Receive love notes, invitations and inspiration on this adventure of ever-expanding truth, love and joy!