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Every year, Ishita dedicates her practice* to a select group of individual clients- a fraction of those who approach her. Working with Ishita is fiercely loving, real, and life changing. This work is not for everyone. It is for those who are deeply committed to their own growth and freedom. It is for those who are willing to face themselves as they truly are and rise beyond blame, shame and guilt. It is for those who are dedicated to influencing positive change in their communities.

Each individual’s arc is guided by their intention. The work integrates the emotional, relational and spiritual aspects of being an awake and mature human being.

*To apply to work with Ishita and get on her waiting list set up a conversation:

Ishita stands with and for your brilliance. This work uplifts every aspect of life- clients often experience deep release and paradigm shifts. As the imprints of the past are released, new love, freedom and power emerges.
In the course of the year it isn’t uncommon for clients’ faces, voices and bodies to change. Their inner voice, professional and intimate relationships, everyday decisions and interactions all become an expression of their authentic self. People walk into this work trying to work through their blocks and leave realizing their inherent wholeness.
As clients discover and embrace deeper parts of themselves, they are able to live with joy and vibrance and heal longstanding inner/interpersonal conflicts.

This way of working asks for courage, humility and authenticity. Each session is tailored to your’ particular needs in present moment arisings within a container of unconditional acceptance in service of your intention. All parts of you are welcome and held in a space that opens up your innate capacity to heal and embody your truth, heart and power. Ishita brings all of herself to each session and asks that you show up with the same deep commitment to your own growth and freedom.

Wherever there is suffering, you are in resistance to reality, and out of inner alignment. As humans, our self-reflections contain intrinsic blind-spots that distort our experience of reality and our self-image, while perpetuating self-defeating patterns of thought, emotion, behavior or identification that cause us to suffer.
Ishita acts as a mirror that allows you to see yourself clearly- reflecting your wholeness, truth, beauty, power, and the complex shadows of the past that still haunt your present. This work brings new consciousness and energy to old patterns. Clarity, joy, and effectiveness follow. Unconscious belief structures, valued and disowned identities and repetitive behavioral patterns are revealed where they limit your expression and transformed into flow and coherence.
If you are ready to face and embrace all parts of yourself, if you are ready to embody your personal power, love your life, if you are ready to take your place amongst those who are awakening to a higher purpose and serve something bigger, the time has come to step into this work. Let’s talk.


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