You are worthy. You are powerful.
You are whole. You are free. 

How would it be to live this truth?

Live, love and lead from your center.

Fulfillment and wholeness lie within you. Contemplative practice is essential for self-mastery, but only if the practice is the right match for you. 
Because research shows different methods work for different people, Ishita tailors wellbeing practices to your unique needs.

Receive guidance to enhance focus, resilience, efficacy and presence: 

  • Meet everyday stresses and opportunities with embodied presence, resilience and clarity.
  • Reduce anxiety and mental chatter.
  • Slow down to work and live smarter.
  • Nurture space between you and your reactions.
  • Develop focus and concentration to invite flow.
  • Cultivate fluidity and ease with uncertainty.
  • Tap into inner silence to better navigate outside noise.
  • Soften internal negative biases and develop self compassion
  • Embrace and shift perspectives to difficult emotions as they arise.
  • Taste the freedom of unconditional acceptance of self, others and the unfolding now.

Invite, deepen and integrate self-discovery:

  • Investigate the nature of experience and your self.
  • Find freedom from seeking itself: let go and let come, without grasping.
  • Transcend intellectual conceptualizations of self, awakening and non-duality.
  • Nurture acceptance and sharpen your perception of the unfolding present.
  • Clarify confusions and fears in the newly awakened state.
  • Embody, integrate and deepen your experience of awakened, non-dual living.

Cultivating inner wellbeing requires the wise and intentional investment of time, commitment and openness. Grounding into your whole self, we will build trust in your own inner knowing using mind, body, heart and awareness based practices to affect positive cognitive and behavioral growth.


Individual + Group sessions

My work supports living a vibrant, fulfilling and prosperous life. This approach to self-development and transformation integrates embodying spiritual awakening and personal healing where each supports the other.

The process is incisive and transformative. Unconscious belief structures, identities and behavioral/cognitive patterns are revealed where they limit your authentic expression and self-acceptance and transformed into inner coherence.

Wherever there is suffering, one is in resistance to reality, and out of inner alignment. As humans, our self-reflections contain intrinsic blind-spots that distort our experience of reality and our self-image, while perpetuating self-defeating patterns of thought/emotion/behavior/identification that cause us to suffer.

In session, I act as a mirror that allows you to see yourself clearly- reflecting your wholeness, truth, beauty and power, and any shadows of the past that still haunt you in the present, thus bringing new consciousness and freedom beyond all ideas of self.

Clients often experience deep social, emotional and somatic release from the work and paradigm shifts from which new embodied freedom emerges. We are able to live with access to vibrant wholeness and embrace the fullness of our humanity and our divinity- healing inner divisions while integrating polarities of right and wrong, good and bad, shame and pride, masculine and feminine, etc.

My approach

I stand with and for your freedom. All parts of you are welcome and held in a space that opens up your innate capacity to heal and embody your truth, your heart and your power.

Each session is guided by your particular needs in present moment arisings within a container of unconditional acceptance in service of your freedom. I bring all of myself to each session and ask that you show up with a deep commitment to your own freedom and transformation.

My approach integrates non-dual awareness with body-based psycho-spiritual therapy, mindfulness and other awareness based meditative practices and spiritual, cognitive, emotional, somatic and subtle energetic self-inquiry.

My Background

This work emerges from direct explorations of universal truths and a personal journey of healing more than anything else, and from my deep cultural roots in Advaita Vedanta and Yogic science, as well as contemporary neuroscience and cutting edge psycho-therapy.

I am a certified Core Energetics practitioner and Reiki master and may bring in hands-on healing techniques to sessions as desired. Our work may incorporate journaling, movement, ritualization, creative expression and you may be referred to outside resources that augment your growth.