How often do you feel disconnected from others?
From work or your life itself?

How would it be to feel connected and complete?

How would your capacity for excellence and joy evolve?

Learn to work, play, learn and live better!

Fulfillment and wholeness lie within you. Contemplative practice is essential for self-mastery, but only if the practice is the right match for you. Because research shows different methods work for different people, Ishita tailors wellbeing practices to your unique needs.

Receive guidance to enhance focus, resilience, efficacy and presence: 

  • Meet everyday stresses and opportunities with embodied presence, resilience and clarity.
  • Reduce anxiety and mental chatter.
  • Slow down to work and live smarter.
  • Nurture space between you and your reactions.
  • Develop focus and concentration to invite flow.
  • Cultivate fluidity and ease with uncertainty.
  • Tap into inner silence to better navigate outside noise.
  • Soften internal negative biases and develop self compassion
  • Embrace and shift perspectives to difficult emotions as they arise.
  • Taste the freedom of unconditional acceptance of self, others and the unfolding now.

Invite, deepen and integrate self-discovery:

  • Investigate the nature of experience and your self.
  • Find freedom from seeking itself: let go and let come, without grasping.
  • Transcend intellectual conceptualizations of self, awakening and non-duality.
  • Nurture acceptance and sharpen your perception of the unfolding present.
  • Clarify confusions and fears in the newly awakened state.
  • Embody, integrate and deepen your experience of awakened, non-dual living.

Cultivating inner wellbeing requires the wise and intentional investment of time, commitment and openness. Grounding into your whole self, we will build trust in your own inner knowing using mind, body, heart and awareness based practices to affect positive cognitive and behavioral growth.

There is no one right way- we will find what works for you. 

Current scientific research, experience and intuition inform our process. We draw upon creative, spiritual and scientific techniques including various approaches to meditation, mindfulness, positive psychology, core energetics, somatic awareness, creative expression, movement, progressive relaxation, journaling, storytelling, visualization and ritualization.


Our work together will be collaborative, engaging and most importantly, joyful! Your goals, experience, personality and vision will help tailor our practice and feedback based approach. Every session is unique.

*Consultations can be online or in-person (both formats are equally effective).

Mindfulness + Meditation Guidance
For centering and cultivating inner wellbeing 
Meditation Guidance is available through hourly individual, couples or group sessions. An experienced guide facilitates the right foundation to build on, supports deepening and helps you ground into presence using the approach that works best for you.

We will meet you at your level of experience. Sessions may serve as an introduction to meditation or provide fresh methods and perspectives for established practitioners.

Working progressively facilitates deepening and is essential to building a personalized meditation toolbox. If you wish to sample an array of the most powerful meditation techniques to find those that resonate most with you, a series of at least 8 sessions is recommended, though not required. Request Meditation Guidance here.

Somatic Inquiry
For clarity or release in a particular aspect of life
Tapping into embodied wisdom, we will focus on physical, sensory experience excepting all else. We will use non-judgemental awareness to invite unconscious blocks to be seen and limiting patterns to release. Due to their nature, Somatic Inquiry sessions are one-on-one. Request Somatic Inquiry Sessions here.

Direct Self Inquiry
For examining the nature of self and experience
Suitable for advanced meditators and those who have done substantial inner work once established in high wellbeing. Together we will look closely into the nature of experience as it unfolds, asking: What or Who am I? This powerful facilitated inquiry will help you glimpse into that which you are, here and now. We will approach with friendly curiosity, the true nature of self. Due to their nature, Direct Self Inquiry sessions are one-on-one. Please come prepared to play with the openness, curiosity and honesty of a beginner’s mind. Request Direct Self Inquiry Sessions here.

Insight Sessions
For clarity and guidance on deepening and integrating into awakened living  
Awakening is only the beginning, not the end, of spiritual evolution. Insight sessions on an as needed basis are available to those who have glimpsed and know their true nature. Find support and context on the post-awakening journey of living from that Truth. Be guided in looking inwards, shedding pre-conceived notions of non-dual living and finding what is true for you, now!

Our intuitive, spontaneous and playful reflections together will aid embodiment and bring clarity and freedom from the fears and confusion that can cloud living from a newly awakened state. We will meet you where you are, moment to moment, in unconditional acceptance. Post awakening insight sessions are one-on-one. Request Insight Sessions here.