Listen in

Exploring the big questions, Ishita wonders about the evolution of human consciousness- awakening, healing and embodiment. Asking what it means to live from our True Nature in harmony with the flow of Life, she speaks on how we might begin living the big questions to discover their answers…

How can we embody our Humanity and Divinity?
How can living in our natural state be our normal, and ubiquitous?
How can we come together in mutuality- alive, awake, empowered?

How can we mine our body’s multidimensional capacity and the fullness of our experience to fuel our spiritual path?
How can we design systems that augment coherence within and between us?

Igniting connection and wonder, Ishita loves sharing the call to live aligned with what is essential, in harmony with Life! Her presence is genuine and disarming. Incisive and humorous, it re-orients the fire of desire towards our True Nature, in service of the Whole.

Honest, heartfelt conversations on the big questions…

An introduction into who I am, how I work, why you might engage this work, and what makes coherent fields so essential to our wellbeing…

Healing, coherence, presence-ing, imperfection and growing into ourselves… Sara asks me simple questions that open up something ineffably beautiful, certainly in me and hopefully in you too!

Some highlights to listen for-
– Speaking as and from presence
– Cultural difference: owning our human, social skin
– The birth of pain: how I split my heart and mind and began asking the big questions
– Integrity, conscience, shadow, light and longing
– Coherence as joy! Alignment…congruence in thought, word, action, energy
– What’s it like to work with some of the world’s greatest minds?
– Presence as a process- of continual arrival
– Non-duality- flow, synchronization with All Life
– Life walking as Life…
– What to expect in the new class- Call to Coherence and why I’m stoked about it!