Asking the big questions, Ishita Sharma speaks on how we might begin living them to discover their answers…

How can we make our natural states normal and ubiquitous?
What does it mean to integrate our Humanity and Divinity?
How can we come together in mutuality- alive, awake, empowered?
How can we design systems that augment coherence within and between us?

Igniting re-connection and wonder, Ishita loves sharing the call to live aligned with what is essential, in harmony with Life!

She speaks on the evolution of human consciousness- awakening, healing and embodiment. Her talks explore what it means to live as conscious human beings in the 21st Century, in harmony with the flow of Life.

Her warm and genuine presence is disarming. Incisive and humorous, she helps examine and re-orient the fire of desire towards our original creative impulse.

Listen to Ishita on guest podcasts

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On embracing our wholeness, awakening, and the healing power of groups, with Andy Cahill on the Wonder Dome podcast.