Call to Coherence


Something in you longs to come home

To the flow, grace and power, that is your true nature.

Call to Coherence offers four doorways to a whole new way of moving through the world.

Join us for one or all…in partnership with

You will learn ways to augment and access coherent fields in your own experience.

At the levels of self, relation and universal…

Coming together in a space that is slow, curious, generous and kind, we will explore the nature of flow and ourselves, learning by contrasting in our own experience what coherence is and isn’t, what hinders and augments it. 

We will engage processes that augment presence and access coherent fields in being, becoming and belonging.

Join us in a series of facilitated experiential conversations to examine flow/coherence at 3 levels of field: self, shared and universal, to strengthen your capacity to access it at will.

It’ll be powerful whether you are a seasoned seeker or a beginner, because you will learn through your direct experience​.

Mining the wisdom of your body, heart, mind and spirit, you will leave with insights and openings that can ripen in your own journey.

If you’re new to Ishita and this work, listen below for an introduction into who Ishita is, how she works, why you might come, and what you might expect from class.

Meeting dates + times

This series is offered by donation to expand access to these teachings.
Please choose a fee that feels good in you and honors their potency.


Authenticity, self-alignment, how I am being. The live event is over.
Experience the call recording here. Send donations here.

JUNE 10, 9am PST, 12pm EST

Mutuality, how we are being, within and between us. 

JULY 1, 9am PST, 12pm EST

Interconnected-ness, synchronization with the rhythm of the whole.

and a special extended, experiential immersive on embodied presence

PART 4: PRESENCING- arriving into Life
JULY 30, 9am PST, 12pm EST

Embodying our Divine Humanity.

In this online half day intensive, we will explore presence as a continual process of arriving. Into Life, into here-now, into our bodies, into relational weaving with Life, catalyzed by the magic of community- what it is, isn’t, what it can be, and how it can support our deepest blossoming.

To help us attend to your intentions, please register early to reserve your spot and receive the zoom link.

If you have any questions, contact Ishita here.


  • Explore contrast between discordance and coherence, learning from our own experience.
  • Practice an experiential somatic meditation.
  • Experience the healing power of inner and group coherence.
  • Have space to share, ask questions.
  • Learn about deeper offerings to engage and answer your inner call to coherence.

In times of accelerated growth, communities of care are balm for the soul. And a community is formed when we come together with authenticity, openness and respect. 

This will be a series of such calls.

Please bring your openness, curiosity and collaborative spirit.

You may join live, or through recordings. Timing isn’t great for everyone on the far side of the world, but if it works, come live! 

Looking forward to playing with you and sharing a field of powerful presence that’ll change us all.

About the facilitator

A mentor, mirror and mystic, Ishita Sharma is the Founding Director of Come to Center.

She helps clients heal disconnects and mine the gold hidden in everyday challenges to live a life that is fulfilling, engaged and joyful!

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