Harness group intelligence. Establish the bedrock for effective collaboration. 

” I highly recommend Come to Center to any workplace looking to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.” 
-Leslie S., HR Manager PCA Architects

We co-design strategies and facilitate experiences to create culture that mines group intelligence and uses conflict to deepen trust and increase effectiveness. We help establish the kind of culture that actually eats strategy for breakfast!

An organization is a network of people- good business is contingent on relationships. Only when teams feel safe and connected and have tools to effectively address underlying turbulence, can they begin to flow as one, cohesive whole towards the same goal. 

We bring in powerful, practical tools that create self-awareness, group coherence and psychological safety- the bedrock for effective collaboration in your workplace. 

We help teams make good decisions and meet workday challenges with embodied presence, resilience and clarity. Foster an engaged and innovative culture where people can bring their best selves to do their best work. Ask us how we can help you work through your biggest challenges.


Why this work?

At best, currently you are most likely only harnessing 60% of your employee potential. The other 40% is routinely sacrificed to stress, presenteeism, lack of motivation, trust and team cohesion.

In fact, the cost is too high to ignore- work related stress cots US businesses > $300 billion/year. Not understanding employees’ core needs and underlying systemic dynamics leads to incomplete solutions that repeatedly fail to resolve your core issues. 

We work with organizations that are willing to examine their operating assumptions and prioritize a culture of connection and trust to gain competitive advantage.

Our interventions help simplify complexity and make implicit turbulence and assumptions explicit in key systems and leadership, and then mine group intelligence to restore flow and effectiveness.

Every commitment varies in scope and approach. Interested in working together, or want more information? Get in touch.


What the work looks like

We combine the latest research in neuroscience, western somatic psychology, organizational dynamics and behavioral science with self-awareness tools.

People of all levels in organizations can access and benefit from our mind, heart and body based tools for enhanced wellbeing and performance through:

Group Facilitation/On-site Workshops
Enhance trust and deepen connection in your core leadership team for increased cohesiveness and effective action. Our in-person presentations and intensive series educate, inspire, create accountability and foster authentic connection. We make content engaging and relevant to your everyday experience. 

One-on-one Coaching/Consulting
Your core leaders and top performers will enhance their skills by delving deeper to unblock limitations and integrate our powerful tools for maximum benefit.

We lead half to multiple day sessions to bring personalized tools to leadership and team retreats.

Pilot Champions
We help you identify and train pilot champions within your organization to lead programs for colleagues.