Holistic leadership development for sustainable growth, from the inside out.

Remember, work at its heart, is about love channeled in service.

Heal systemic disconnects.
Harness the powerful intelligence of personal and group presence.
Heed the call of the new future from inspired mutuality.

“I highly recommend Come to Center to any workplace looking to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.” 

-Leslie S., HR Manager PCA Architects

Lead with clarity and heart, from expanded consciousness.

We help you establish the kind of culture that actually eats strategy for breakfast and amplifies shared purpose. Even well-established teams and relationships need infusions of new perspectives and energy to flourish in the face of increasing uncertainty and complexity. 

We co-design and facilitate transformational experiences for teams and communities that expand self-awareness, psychological safety (the bedrock for effective collaboration, and increase their capacity for effective action.

These range from responsive on-site, off-site and online workshops, retreats, seminars, coaching, facilitation and long-term interventions that introduce and integrate transformational shifts for tangible and powerful results. 


* Inner Management: Self-awareness + regulation
* Executive Coaching + Leadership Development
* Social-Emotional Intelligence
* Creating a culture of presence and cohesion
* Using conflict to deepen relationships 
* Creating trust and psychological safety
* Mindfulness and Meditation: Applied neuro and inner science
* Actualizing individual and collective evolutionary purpose

Jennifer Braggin
Strategic Applications Technologist, Entergis

“Come to Center workshops are organized to challenge your assumptions and facilitate your potential for positive growth.

Ishita has the unique ability to quickly get to the core of a sticky issue, help you acknowledge it, and provide you with different tools to address it. I’ve learned so much from her, particularly from her example of being present in the moment. I would highly recommend joining a workshop or work with Ishita directly.”


Harness the power of the whole.

Stand with and for each other’s brilliance.

We work with organizations, communities and leaders working to better the world, starting from within.

Deepening mutuality and congruence within organizational structures and members shortens the path to purposeful actualization for both the organization and its parts.

Our clients understand the competitive advantage of a culture that prioritizes presence, connection and supports each member on their path to self-actualization. They are committed to harmonious and conscious growth that nourishes the whole system and all its parts.

Our holistic interventions help you harness the power of your network into that of community to create creative, effective and joyful teams!

Our experiential processes simplify complexity, make implicit turbulence and assumptions explicit in key systems and leadership, and then mine personal and inter-personal intelligence to restore flow and effectiveness. 

We help people reclaim their humanity at work regardless of their roles, teams feel like a (happy) team and everyone make better decisions. While having fun!

Matthew Sheehy
University Librarian, Brandeis University

“I was concerned about the training as it was much more emotional and focused on feelings – something we are often taught is bad to share at work. It is a necessary topic in any workplace as we can not escape these emotions.

It provided some understanding of my own emotions, but also very practical tools to help me work with my organization going forward.”

Align with higher purpose.

Our principled approach inspires self and group actualization.

Not understanding your teams’ needs and underlying personal, relational and systemic dynamics leads to incomplete solutions that repeatedly fail to resolve your core issues. By delving deeper than the typical training or consultation, we address the root cause of your roadblocks, changing liabilities into assets.

Our bespoke immersives are informed by cutting-edge innovations of contemporary and timeless neuro-psychological, inter-personal and socio-cultural sciences, and principles of design thinking that weave Ishita’s rich and multi-faceted background into powerful and unique offerings to foster creativity and fulfillment.

You will learn and practice tools that foster an engaged and innovative culture where people can bring their best selves to do their best work.

We will help you embody a new way of being that deepens presence, authentic connection and heals conflict. You will learn to transform stressful emotions, access inner and outer resource, and identify and heal destructive power dynamics within and between each other.

You will leave with a deeper understanding and appreciation of yourself and your shared purpose as well as an expanded capacity to meet yourself, each other and your workday challenges with greater presence, awareness and ease.

Ask us how we can help you solve your biggest challenges with the resources you already have.