Harness group intelligence.
Establish the bedrock for trust and collaboration. 
Lead with efficacy, authenticity and empathy.

“I highly recommend Come to Center to any workplace looking to enhance employee wellbeing and engagement.” 

-Leslie S., HR Manager PCA Architects

We help establish the kind of culture that actually eats strategy for breakfast. Even well-established teams need ongoing support to flourish in the face of increasing uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity. 

We co-design strategies and facilitate experiences that mine personal and group intelligence to deepen trust, engagement and effectiveness. These range from bespoke on and off-site workshops, retreats, seminars, coaching, facilitation and longer term interventions that help introduce and integrate culture shifts for tangible and powerful results. 


* Executive Coaching + Leadership Development
* Establishing Self Awareness and Presence 
* Good Decision Making
* Conflict Resolution + Difficult Conversations 
* Trust + Cohesion: Bringing Your Team Together
* Social-Emotional Intelligence
* Self-energy Regulation
* Mindfulness + Meditation

We work with organizations and leaders who understand the competitive advantage of creating a culture of presence and connection to build trust and team cohesion. The more congruent the organizational operations are with its 

Our interventions help simplify complexity, make implicit turbulence and assumptions explicit in key systems and leadership, and then mine personal and inter-personal intelligence to restore flow and effectiveness. 

Not understanding employees’ core needs and underlying systemic dynamics leads to incomplete solutions that repeatedly fail to resolve your core issues. By delving deeper than the typical training or consultation, we address the root cause of your roadblocks, changing liabilities into assets.

We help teams make good decisions and meet workday challenges with embodied presence, resilience and clarity. Foster an engaged and innovative culture where people can bring their best selves to do their best work.

Ask us how we can help you solve your biggest challenges with the resources you already have.



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