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Open Meditation- being with what is
Saturdays, 11am-12pm EST.

Suggested donation $15 via paypal

Now, wherever you are, you can join me for a simple Open Meditation practice every week. Starting with a lightly guided meditation, we will sit in loving silence, guided by the wisdom question “What is true for me now?” We will close sessions by sharing questions and our experiences.

Together we will cultivate presence, self-awareness and conscious connection. Every meeting is a unique group co-creation.

Group sessions celebrate an inward turn towards the fundamental dimension of being, alive in every one of us. No goal, no right way, nowhere to get and no method to get there. Simply being with what is, in present in conscious feeling and connection with self, others and all that is.

All are welcome, regardless of beliefs, history and experience.

How to join:
1. Register for the passcode
2. Install Zoom on your computer
3. Click Zoom link and enter Passcode on Saturday (10:55-11:05am EST)


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Wellness Workshop
Studio 52, Boston
June 3, 11 am onwards

Get ready for the ultimate relaxation event! Join Come to Center at Boston Studio 52, for a full body revival with Boston’s best holistic healing resources. The wellness workshop includes:

  • One-hour vinyasa

  • Meditation

  • Cupping

  • Acupuncture

  • Aromatherapy massage

  • Cryo facials, and more!


Meditation for entrepreneurs
CIC, Cambridge
Thursdays, 11:30am-12:30pm

Re-set, re-fresh! Center yourself to ease startup stresses. Enhance focus, creativity and emotional intelligence to improve performance. Simple, guided meditations will give you powerful tools and strategies to re-center anytime, anywhere. 




Meditation Mondays!
First + Third Mondays, February – May 2017

In partnership with the Cambridge Public Library for a FREE meditation series at the Main Branch. Join us for guided meditations to beat the Monday Blues and re-charge from a long day of work or play!




Mindfulness + Meditation for Busy Professionals
February 25 + 26, 2017 | 12-1:30 pm | 52 Province St. Boston, MA

Are you overwhelmed and on the go?  This two day workshop geared will serve as an introduction to mindfulness and meditation specifically for busy professionals.

We will explore what meditation is, its neuroscience, benefits and learn 3 different types of meditation. We will provide practical guidance to start and integrate a meditative practice into contemporary life for more focus, resilience and effectiveness.




Meditation for Creativity!
February 22 | 7-8pm | Work Bar Union Square, Somerville, MA

2017.02.22Where do insights come from and how can we invite more of them?

Creativity involves dancing with the unknown with ease, and expanding our perception. In this session of Creative Somerville, we will use Meditation to answer these questions. All are welcome!



The Heart of Love!
February 11 2017 | 5-6:30pm | 52 Province St. Boston, MA

Love isn’t just for lovers!
We’re all part of a village that supports and nurtures our hearts. Celebrate the magical, supportive relationships in your life this Valentines Day! Join Come to Center for a joyful, heart and body centered meditative workshop with a loved one. Open to any pair of people who want to connect with each other intentionally.

Screen Shot 2017-01-22 at 9.20.18 PM.pngFinders Course
January – May 2017

Come to Center is honored to facilitate a small group for the Finders Course in parallel to FC10, beginning this January. The Finders Course is the world’s first scientifically validated meditation course using years of research and real data to quantify states of awakening and provide persistent inner peace. Admission by invite only.

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January 21, 2017 | 9:30-10:30 am 52 Province St. Boston MA

We, the women of America are coming together to raise our voices at a historic moment. How can we stand together in empathy and inclusiveness and rise together with love and compassion? Together we will address this question and meditate to cultivate the most potent of weapons- our inner space!

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Meditation in the Garden!
October 22, 2016 | 3:00-4:00pm | Concord Ave Community Space, Somerville, MA

Come celebrate the beauty of Fall in our garden and join us for a guided meditation with Ishita. We’ll discuss what meditation is and isn’t and try it for ourselves while connecting with the beauty of our garden. Please bring warm drinks or treats for a post meditation potluck.


Re-centering: weave meditation into contemporary life
Oct 13, 20, 27, Nov 10,17 2016 |6:00-7:15 am | 1001 O2 Yoga, Mass Ave. Cambridge M

Progressive, practical guidance to build and integrate your meditation practice. Learn to cultivate the habits of inner wellbeing and re-center yourself into presence, amidst life’s stresses.

We will explore what meditation is (and is not), practical ways to incorporate it into contemporary life, and play with different techniques using our breath, body sensations, heart and mind.