We curate experiences that nurture personal, professional, relational and spiritual growth. Come feel the depth of this work yourself.


Want to meet people in a way that feels meaningful? Tired of rushing around, making small talk, feeling like you have to be something you aren’t, and playing small? 
Join us to step outside ordinary space to slow down into sacred space. Each salon is different, guided by the participants’ wants and needs. You will leave looking at yourself, others and life with a new, expanded lens.
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“If you’re looking for more authentic expression and deep connection in 2020, I urge you to visit Slow Space. Ishita is a master coach, facilitator, and healer and she cultivates incredibly powerful experiences that foster emotional freedom, courage, and personal authenticity. My wife and I got to attend a special session with Ishita last month, and it had a massive positive impact on our relationship. Can’t recommend it enough.

You’re welcome. 

-Andy Cahill



Come discover a new way of being.

Join us for an online workshop of connection and alchemy. We will explore ourselves in connection with others committed to personal and collective liberation and fulfillment.

You will be gently challenged to grow into your deepest truth, while being deeply seen and held in a warm, loving space. 

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Come establish a new way of being, in inspiring community.

How would it be to have a community that received you, exactly as you are, standing for your greatness?

Starts Spring 2021
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A call with Ishita is the first step in the application process. 

Heed the call to coherence along with inspired, dedicated and courageous peers committed to bettering the world around them. We will explore what healing and awakening looks like when we come together in community.

This 9 month long journey is for courageous change-makers, visionaries and quiet leaders who want deeper meaning and growth. We will stand with and for each other’s brilliance, practicing tools that encourage embodied engagement in the world while finding inner fulfillment.

We will walk through the fire and the feathers of life: harvesting the gifts of everyday challenges, exploring our purpose and its expression in our intimate relationships, our life’s work, in the way we relate to ourselves and more.

This is a place for those who want to remember who they are, and deepen self-love and acceptance. We’ll examine the core of your unique gifts, angst and yearning, while creating a life of authentic connection, alignment and meaning. 

You will learn a different way of seeing and being. As you discover the brilliance of being your authentic self you begin to discern and heed the call to coherence as it sings in you.

You will experience, perhaps for the first time, the power and magnificence of group cohesion and inter-dependence sourced from authenticity, mutual respect and trust. 

We will use cognitive, somatic, spiritual, emotional and relational tools and a mix of individual, paired and group work including in person retreats and online meetings. 

Come learn with and from others dedicated to personal and collective liberation! 

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The Earth Shakers Forum (Registration Full)
Aug 2018- Jan 2020
Nevada City, CA

What if business were a constant opportunity for personal growth?
How would it feel to use business to open your heart and mind?
What would happen to the world if we all experienced business this way?

This 18 month course is for people who have shown courage in their self-exploration and are facilitating deep change in the world. Together, we will explore the fundamental nature of business and consciousness. We will learn tools that deepen our self-recognition while increasing our capacity for effective action.


FWBN_logoSeptember 20, 2018
Women in Business, French-American Chamber of Commerce, Boston

How would it be to show up fully as yourself in relationships, in business, and not disown your power, truth and heart? Join us for an evening of experimentation and connection with ourselves.


Tide Turners Workshopwith  Joe Hudson and Jeff Liberman
July 14+15 2018
Boston, MA

Do you crave deep connection with yourself and others? Are you interested in learning how to make conflict and tension generative and meaningful? Come join us for a weekend workshop where you will meet interesting, dynamic people and grow in your understanding of yourself and others.

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How Real Can I Be with You?- with Jeff Lieberman
July 2, 2018
CIC Boston

How often do you feel uncomfortable sharing exactly how you feel? How could your relationships deepen if you fully showed up and owned your intelligence, power, and heart in the moment? What would change if you didn’t avoid conflict but instead embraced it?

Join Jeff and Ishita for an evening of connection, communication, and curious exploration.

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Living Free
May 5 &
 6, 12:30-4:30pm
Studio 52, Boston MA

Find a different relationship with yourself! Change the inner bully into a friend. Do you hear the voice inside your own head with a nagging voice that creates anxiety and drama? How would your life change if it lovingly supported and guided you? Join us to experientially learn how to tap into your inner freedom and wisdom, while healing inner critic.

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Open Meditation
Now, wherever you are, you can join a simple centering practice every week.

Open Meditation is a practice in which we simply sit together in loving silence and explore the question “What is true for me now?” By doing so we allow and invite presence. We tap into our current experience, the sensations, feelings and thoughts that make up THIS moment, with friendly curiosity and acceptance.

Group sessions celebrate an inward turn towards the fundamental dimension of being, alive in every one of us. No goal, no right way, nowhere to get and no method to get there. Simply being with what is, in present in conscious feeling and connection with self, others and all that is.

All are welcome, regardless of beliefs, history and experience with meditation.