The change you seek starts within.

“Ishita has a real gift for deeply understanding the way people work– mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her insight and care as a facilitator have helped me transform many of my greatest challenges.”

— Peter Bonanno, Director of Program Development
Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Integrating timeless and timely wisdom, Come to Center facilitates holistic transformation in individuals and organizations. We guide people and the systems they are a part of, back into coherence with their creative impulse and natural states of flow.

Restoring flow at three levels of being: individual, relational and collective, our interventions facilitate living and leading authentically, beyond ego-centric paradigms- and the Grace it yields in every aspect of life.

Live the Truth of what you are-
Truly Human. Truly Divine.

Harvest the gold hidden in your deepest longings and challenges to embody vibrance, fulfillment and freedom.

Create conscious space between you and your reactions to recognize your essential nature and live from it.

When you are connected to your center you can live in the present moment, keenly attuned to the world you touch. When you see yourself, others and Life itself differently, the answers you seek emerge from within.

Receive love notes, invitations and inspiration on this adventure of ever-expanding truth, love and joy!

Ishita Sharma

Founder + Director

“Embodying our deepest purpose depends on healing our deepest wounds.

Owning and exercising our response ability to do so guides us into coherence, into the state of Grace.

It becomes clear that surrender is our only true choice.

Will we resist or align with the flow of our Life?”

Listen to Ishita speak on healing and awakening, and the magic of group coherence on the Wonder Dome!