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We catalyze inspired action, well-being and self-discovery for individuals and organizations using evidence based scientific and spiritual tools.

Cultivate focus, emotional intelligence and turn reactivity into responsiveness. Contact us to begin your journey to peak performance and fundamental wellbeing.

Our Clients


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Meet everyday challenges with presence, clarity and ease.

“Between stimulus and response there is a space. In that space is our power to choose our response. In our response lies our growth and our freedom.”
—Viktor Frankl

The key to both effective action and fundamental wellbeing, lies within. Only when centered amidst internal and external stresses, can we be effective in the world and whole within. We facilitate pivotal shifts in perception of self and relation with others for you to embody your fullest self and do your best work.

What our clients are saying

“Now I feel more aware and in control of my life, less like I’m surviving and more like I’m living! Working with Come to Center has been a priceless and life-altering experience.”

“I liked the structure of Ishita’s class and she was very easy to listen to. Given this was my first experience with meditation, I was surprised to feel empowered with tools that I can use going forward.”

“Ishita’s work has had a very positive impact here at our firm, and we always eagerly anticipate her next session with us.”

“Since beginning the sessions, I have seen improvements in my stress levels, productivity at work and my ability to embrace the present versus living in the past or future. I’m able to view each day through a new lens.”

“I had not been able to meditate for a while, and (Ishita) helped me reconnect with my flow. I will be forever grateful.”

“I thought Ishita did a really great job, and it was particularly nice to hear from someone that used to be in the corporate world.”

“Testing and trying different meditation, breathing and positive psychology techniques, is like creating a custom fit suit, just for you and finding your own way to yourself!

“I highly recommend Ishita’s unique blend of psychological, spiritual and physical practices.”

“I love Ishita’s voice! It is so gentle, calming, relaxing and is just perfect for meditation. Her wisdom, kindness and reflections are so powerful. Thank you!”

“Thank you! You created a beautiful space for me to explore my experience.”

“Thank you. Your work is beautiful. You bring an energy that is incredible!”

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