The change you seek starts within.

Integrating timeless and timely wisdom, Come to Center facilitates embodied transformation in individuals, groups and organizations. We guide people and the systems they are a part of, back into coherence with their creative impulse and natural states of flow, as and with Life.

Restoring coherence at three levels: individual, relational and collective, our interventions facilitate living, creating and leading with wisdom-compassion, beyond ego-centric paradigms- and the Grace it yields in every aspect of our contemporary lives.

Meet Ishita Sharma

“Embodying our deepest purpose depends on healing our deepest wounds.

As we do, surrender becomes our only choice...Will we resist or align with the flow of Life in this moment?”

LISTEN to conversations on healing and living a fulfilling and vibrant human life.

HEAL + GROW in a conscious community of practice.

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"Embodying our deepest purpose depends on healing our deepest wounds. As we cultivate response ability, we realize surrender is our only true choice- will we resist or align with the flow of Life? How are we showing up for it right now?"
-Ishita Sharma, Founder Come to Center

Let’s work together…

You, me and All Our Relations, harnessing personal and universal Resource- all that is, has been, and wants to be, through you!

Less information. More transformation. You will learn, grow and heal from your own direct experience, in a supportive community.

Individual intensives to activate your inner fire and realize your deepest purpose.


Activate your inner fire to realize your aspirations, embrace your innate magnificence. Harvest your longings and challenges to embody presence, create nourishing relationships, fulfilling work and a self-aligned life that truly nourishes you, igniting your evolution.

Murmurations: 6 month learning + healing community to expand, embody and align with Higher Purpose


Embody vibrance and authenticity, learn how Life actually works to answer its call. Heal and grow in mutuality with others who stand with and for your greatness, serving something bigger than us all. Mine the gifts only you can bring. Realize power, pleasure and higher purpose!

ENERGETIC BASICS: 2 day experiential immersive on the foundations of Presence


How you direct your energy directly affects your Life. Learn precise, distilled instructions to help you use your energy effectively and reduce friction within and without. These practices will help you demystify and access embodied presence, in every situation.

Come share a connected, vibrant, fulfilling life with us!

Receive love notes, invitations and inspiration on this adventure of ever-expanding truth, love and joy!

“Ishita has a real gift for deeply understanding the way people work– mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Her insight and care as a facilitator have helped me transform many of my greatest challenges.”

Peter Bonanno
Director of Program Development, Google’s Search Inside Yourself Leadership Institute

Live the Truth of what you are:
Truly Human. Truly Divine.

Harvest the gold hidden in your deepest longings and challenges to embody vibrance, fulfillment and freedom.

Create conscious space between you and your reactions. Recognize your essential nature and live from it.

When you are connected to your center you can live in the present moment, keenly attuned to the world you touch. When you see yourself, others and Life itself differently, the answers you seek emerge from within.

I have learned to listen to my true self with more and more clarity. I have grown in strength, curiosity, owning and expressing parts of me that due to upbringing, culture, past trauma and external norms had been suppressed for too long.

Lorena Toffer, AIA, NOMA, RID
Architect + CityLab HS Co-Founder