Free Facilitated Community Calls

Every part of our experience is a call back to wholeness, yet we distance ourselves from it.

Join Ishita and like-hearted peers for an experiential conversation on receiving and relaxing into the width of our experience, accepting Life’s invitations into embodied presence.

Together we will explore embracing rather than rejecting or fatalizing parts of ourselves, others and Life to release roadblocks to experiencing states of flow and coherence.

* Explore contrast between inner discordance and inner coherence in our own experience.
* Practice an experiential somatic meditation.
* Experience the healing power of inner and group coherence.
* Have space to share, ask questions, play and have fun!!
* Learn about Murmurations + Basics– upcoming offerings to answer your inner call to coherence.

If you missed us, you can follow along past call recordings to live the big questions and mine the gold hidden in your experience

On this call we examine in our direct experience what boundaries are and are not, why we need them, what happens when we don’t hold them and the inner structures necessary to support them.

Follow along with us in our inquiry, listening with your whole body and let us know what you gleaned.

How we relate with power within and between us affects health, expression, purpose and relationships.

On this call we explore the mechanics of power dynamics within and around us, and access inner resource to chart a path forward aligned with true power.

On this call, we examine in our direct experience what presence is and is not, the essential roadblocks to experiencing states of flow and the inner structures necessary.

The call continues to be deeply impactful for many participants. Follow along with us in our inquiry, listening with your whole body, and let us know how it touches you.

On this call we gathered to digest and integrate inner movements in the wake of the US supreme court’s decision to reverse Roe v Wade.

A space to actually integrate and grow from our reactions- the imperative of our times before going out to take wise action.

Due to the personal nature of participants’ process, this call recording will not be shared.

We know listening is key to healing conflict, yet we seldom know where or how to begin.

How can we connect beyond our ideas of each other, beyond right and wrong, good and bad, us vs. them thinking?

Join us for an intimate, experiential Listening Salon where we experiment with a way of being in relation that deepens presence, authentic connection and heals division.