MURMURATIONS: a Transformational Community

Our greatest offering to the world is how we are together. Coming together in shared intent amplifies personal power and purpose. Like a flock of birds dancing in murmuration, synchronized by grace, it is time for us to show up together as one, for something bigger than ourselves.
A new era is ushering in a new way of being-

Metamorphosis is all around you.

Make no mistake- change is brewing within and around you, calling you to coherence with the whole.

Will you embrace or resist the call?

January – July 2021

Full Moon – Full Moon
We begin January 28, 2021.

Cohort 1: Thursdays, 7-9 pm EST
Cohort 2: Mondays 12-2 pm
(US & Europe friendly)

This is not a time to hold back, it’s the time you’ve been readying for. Your life situation is the catalyst, your desire the compass, and Truth your guide.

Join this transformational community to dive beneath the surface and heal disconnects that keep you stuck, separate and suffering.

Heal inner division to embody vibrant wholeness. Release your past to answer the call of a creative future. Connect with heart, purpose and a community of care. Take your rightful place in the expansion of collective consciousness.

“Where people sing, laugh, cry, dance, without any sense of hesitation or shame, such people will purify the universe.”
– Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, quoting Sri Krishna from the Mahabharata

In times of upheaval communities of care are balm for the soul.

Yet it can feel scary to reach out to others.

Many of us find ourselves craving community while trapped in spheres of isolation. It’s clear that the global restructuring we’re in isn’t going away anytime soon, and that the new future emerging is begging for a foundation of inclusion- cooperation over competition.

In fact, it depends on our very capacity to come together to serve something greater than ourselves, with the realization that life is happening as and for us, not to us!

In this intensive we will deconstruct the oppressive narratives that bind us into victimization and take full responsibility for our experience. We will reach into ourselves, and out to others around us, from a place of fullness that begets fullness.

“I feel rejuvenated and really filled up and empowered by the stories of (these) new people in my life. For me it was also a demonstration of the power of a great container…I got so much out of it.”
– Noelle Janka, Coach

Join our intimate container focused on walking in love together.

Clarify and pave the path to your intention with others who share your want for a better world. We will meet human to human, self to self, to live the essential questions of our time, like:

* What stops us from unconditionally loving ourselves? Each other, life itself?
* How can we transform the past to create a new future?
* What happens when we let go of who we should be, and show up as we are?
* How can we engage our energy effectively and appropriately?
* How can conflict become generative and bring us closer
* What can emerge when we all come together this way?

“Participating in the group intensive led by Ishita was a voyage into a world of inner and outer exploration that felt both safe and vulnerable at the same time.

In a year full of so much struggle and uncertainty, this little bubble of wonder played a huge role in helping me shift from the quarantine doldrums into a mindset of love, abundance and hope.”

– Andy Pyman, Truly Good Design

Align intention, attention and action.

This intensive is a deep dive for people wanting grounded spiritual development and healing around what’s arising in our inner landscape as the external shifts, while held in community.

And it all starts with the seed of your soul’s longing.

The group size is small for intimacy and depth. We will set intentions for ourselves individually, reflecting the overall group intention. You will bring a live issue you want to work through or a quality you want to cultivate and we will seed it into the group’s field encompassing all our intentions.

We will explore the personal, inter-personal and trans-personal dynamics of our intentions and hindrances that surface in our everyday lives.

“The idea that it could be fun to excavate yourself- I had a serious disinterest in that before! And also, how cool it is to move your brain down to your heart center, and learn that it is really safe to do that.”
– Emily B, Dancer (Takeaways from past intensive)

We will ask you to live your intentions.

Transformation comes with commitment, fueled by the power of desire for change. We will ask you to examine blocks and issues from new perspectives, step out of your comfort zone and align action and expression with your intention.

The power of our collective attunement, our shared intentions, insights, and alignment with higher purpose will ripple through every aspect of our lives.

You will be asked to invest in daily practices to help integrate break-throughs and cultivate inner and outer coherence. We will hold ourselves and each other lovingly accountable to our deepest longing.

“Everybody modeled how lovable you all are! Your intentions helped me take that lens to myself, and be gentler with myself, seeing the connections between us, our intentions and getting to live them all in my day.”
– Susan P.
(Takeaways from past intensive)

We will hold a mirror to your light and your shadow.

You will be lovingly challenged in service of your freedom and growth. You will be invited to explore spaces you may have avoided from fear and forge a new way of relating to them. Bring your desire to grow, a willingness to meet your truth, and the courage to embody the change you wish to see. We will examine shadow aspects of ourselves and our group as they surface, gently inviting them into an integrated whole.

Bring your open heart and curious mind to meet others in a space that unifies and amplifies the power of both.

A 1-1 conversation is the first step to enroll in the course. We’ll tune into your unique circumstance and explore if this intensive serves you best at this time.

Course modules will merge present moment emergence with themes including but not limited to:

  1. Nature of Experience
  2. Response Ability
  3. Energetics of Presence + Conscious Intention
  4. The Wisdom of Your Body
  5. Being and Becoming: Personal Identity and Role
  6. Self-Love: Healing Blame, Shame, Guilt
  7. Emotional Fluidity
  8. Intimacy: Power, Authenticity and Boundaries
  9. Desire: Wants, Needs and Relationship
  10. Purpose: Your Unique Life Path and Universal Longing
  11. Following the Impulse: Personal, Group and Natural Coherence
  12. Surrender

“It’s been amazing to connect with all these human beings through this screen I normally hate. One of the best uses of the screen I’ve ever had in my life!”
-Dan P.

Experience the power of true community.
January 18, 2021

Thriving and Aligning in 2021 : Community Call!
centering . connection . intention

As we grapple with the chaos of 2020 and find our feet in 2021, we are met with resistance within and without.

How do we find comfort in and through the upheaval around us?
How can we thrive when everything around is changing, and changing quickly?

How can we stay connected to what is most essential and nourishing?

In times of upheaval, communities of care are balm for the soul. In our time together we will:
* Practice an experiential exercise to access inner resources.
* Tune in to determine a path aligned with your heart’s longing.
* Create a space that augments deeper connection to truth and love with respect.
* Experience the healing and power that lies within you and between each other.

There’ll be space to share, ask questions, and learn about MURMURATIONS. Come experience this work for yourself and see if it’s right for you!

Date: January 18, 2021
Time: 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EST (check your time zone here)
Investment: Your time, attention and openness. There is no fee. All are welcome, our compliments.
RSVP: Register below for zoom link, and share with anyone you think could use this space.

About the facilitator

Ishita Sharma is the Founding Director of Come to Center. She helps clients heal disconnects and mine the gold hidden in everyday challenges to embody their deepest purpose.

She draws on her unique ability to attune to her clients’ nervous systems to guide confusion into clarity. Her incisive approach is grounded in spacious loving connection.

Ishita sees India as her Motherland, America as her Fatherland, and her role here as a bridge between cultures, paradigms and dimensions- marrying western intellect and eastern spirit through the wisdom of the human heart and body. 

She contends the future of humanity hinges upon healing division within and between us, as we heed the call of our times to wake up, grow up and show up together for the world we wish to see.

Supporting Faculty

Eric Meyers has been a professional astrological counselor for over 20 years, certified by the astrologer, Steven Forrest. He holds a M.A. in Transpersonal Counseling Psychology from Naropa University.

He has written 6 original astrology books and taught throughout the US and Europe. Eric practices “Evolutionary Astrology,” which understands spiritual growth from life to life.

He has pioneered the “Astrology of Awakening” approach, a unique perspective on spiritual maturation and awakening. Eric’s approach is both compassionate and direct, psychological and spiritual. It is rooted to the pragmatics of everyday life.

Eric helps clients chart their course and live their purpose. He will help bring clarity to your unique life-path in Murmurations.

Lisa Wall is a Boston based herbalist whose work centers around self, community and Earth care. She is passionate about connecting clients to plant medicine, and helping them nurture a reciprocal, interdependent relationship with the Earth.

Intuitively drawn to the natural world, mixing plants into potions since her childhood, Lisa has been formally studying herbalism since 2014. She apprenticed under Madelon Hope and Linda Patterson at the Boston School of Herbal Studies and trained with the Herbal Academy, Kami McBride and Dr. Aviva Romm.

She holds a B.S. in Public Health from the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Introducing you to the spiritual and physical benefits of partnering with herbs, she will help select plant allies to nourish and support your intentions in Murmurations.

“The combination of Ishita’s loving container and the group of people who self select to do this work was wonderful! In the lifelong journey of finding all the unloved parts of yourself and giving them love, this group work was potent.

To see others showing up is inspiring and helped motivate me to show up more for myself.

-Dan P, Artist/Roboticist

Take advantage of these transformational times to shift long-standing patterns and realize your intentions with others committed to shared values.

  • Learn the foundational principles of healing and mysticism from your direct experience!
  • Benefit from being held in an energy matrix specifically designed to support your growth.
  • Access personal, group and universal intelligence.
  • Share your gifts and receive what others have to offer, deeply seeing and being seen.
  • Create personal rituals to re-attune to inner wisdom and nature’s rhythms.
  • Learn and practice tools to embody presence, deepen connection to yourself, others and purpose.
  • Explore and set relational and personal boundaries that nourish your well-being.
  • Feel the freedom and healing power of vulnerability and authenticity.
  • Receive surprises and real transformation.
  • Create meaningful relationships.
  • Most importantly, all while having FUN!

    Course components include:
  • An intimate group of 12 for personalized attention.
  • 12 Live, facilitated bi-weekly 2 hour calls with your group via zoom.
  • Access to call recordings shared only with participants.
  • 2 individual 1 hr sessions with Ishita Sharma to align and deepen your growth.
  • A glimpse into your Human Design to better understand your unique inner GPS.
  • 1 fine-tuned astrological reading with Eric Meyers for insight into inherited patterns and your particular life path.
  • 1 herbal consult with Lisa Wall to cultivate a conscious, nourishing relationship with the Earth in support of your intentions.
  • Private group for connection, sharing and growth with others between modules.
  • Each call will combine teaching with experiential individual, paired and group exercises, sharing and Q&A.

    Your investment:
    You will invest a minimum of 30 mins per day attending to practices designed to augment your growth including:
  • Personalized home practices including meditation and sacred tasks that stretch you out of your comfort zone.
  • Mini-session exchanges with other participants between modules to facilitate connection and healing.
  • Opt-in weekly check-ins with a rotating partner for support.
  • Assigned books to accompany our journey.
  • Selected videos and audios to expand our perspectives.
  • Periodic 60-90 min. practice calls with group participants between facilitated sessions – time and day decided by the group.

“I am getting better at loving myself! I also got that the things that feel so scary to reveal are totally fine and have their own kind of beauty! I saw all of us go through our own “No I can’t say that!” to “No, it’s great (to share)!”
– Roopa Das (Takeaways from the intensive)

The tuition for the Murmurations Transformational Community Intensive may be paid in full or in installments. It includes 12 facilitated group calls, 2 individual integration sessions with a glimpse into your Human Design, 1 astrological consult, 1 herbal consult, tailored home practices and the online connection group.

Once accepted, a $600 deposit secures your place in the course, followed by a single payment of $2,800 by January 28, or 5 monthly installments of $640 from Feb 1- Jun 1.

There are 3 partial working scholarships reserved for minority bipoc women in need.

For more information on qualifying for the course, pricing structures and securing a scholarship please get in touch. Space is limited and the course is expected to be full.

The same fears and resistances that keep you from meeting your truest self keep you from realizing your longings.

If you are ready to show up for yourself, we are here to show up for you.

Joining Murmurations is a significant investment of your time, attention and resources into yourself- one that we truly honor and respect. This inner journey asks for courage, curiosity and commitment and the gifts it yields are priceless.

If you’ve read this far, follow your resonance and apply!
All you need to get started is curiosity and a commitment to realizing your intentions.


To receive invitations & inspiration to access the magic of the moment, and your own magnificence, join Ishita on the adventure of
ever-expanding truth and love!