Ishita’s Story


Ishita Sharma was born in Haridwar, India and lives in the United States. Following profound experiences of knowing her own wholeness and interconnectedness with all that is, she followed in the footsteps of her Seer ancestors. She has dedicated herself to a life of service to help others embody the truth of their own perfection and divinity, living from beyond ego-based paradigms.

Ishita has spent her life asking questions that have no answers, pushing curiosity to the edges of knowing, while making and celebrating beauty, truth and wonder!

Her restless investigations into the fundamentals of being began as a child in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas. Fascinated by but skeptical of the rich religious and spiritual mythology, she looked for a framework to explain what felt obvious but impossible to explain- the underlying oneness of all things.

At 18 she took her first flight alone, leaving her homeland and family to move to the US to pursue a multidisciplinary education. Questioning the most elemental constructs of life, often taken for granted, drove her explorations of the world, self and humanness through physics, creative writing, art and design.

Trying to make sense of identity and position in a foreign culture, Ishita practiced as an architect, moonlighting as a columnist, photographer and a multi-disciplinary artist. This rich period fueled rapid growth through personal, relational, professional and spiritual struggles and triumphs.

Intrigued by the contrast in community life in India vs the US, she sought to use design as a tool to mitigate disconnection, depression, isolation and overconsumption, asking- how can we connect people to themselves, each other and natural rhythms using space and form?

Grappling with steel and concrete on one end, and human suffering on another, she quickly encountered the incapacity of her chosen discipline to address the enormity of her longing to serve and address the core of the human condition. And the big questions of being remained…

As her existential inquiry ripened, it began pointing her inwards towards her self until she became quiet, clear and still. And one evening, standing in her bedroom, she found herself jumping up and down with joy, kissing a copy of the Bhagvad Gita, laughing hysterically at her beautiful, hungry and limited mind! The game was up- she couldn’t deny to herself that what she was seeking lay within- and the incessant inquiry pointed outwards was just a way to delay that recognition. Separating knowing and understanding, Ishita finally surrendered to her own inner knowing.

At age 29, a visit to the Kashmir Himalayas brought her into an unexpected, profound and fundamental shift in consciousness. As her I-ness dissolved into pure, aware, loving formlessness, it brought a direct recognition of the underlying wholeness and perfection in all things and events- even our deepest pain and suffering. Her deepest intuitions confirmed, she emerged from the experience with a fundamental aspect of herself forever grounded in the loving silence that has still never gone away.

A period of assimilation followed, punctuated by a series of deepening inner and external restructuring. In 2015, she left her career as an Architect and moved to India with her husband to “discover what wants to happen and make space for being.”

As people started seeking her guidance on their inner journeys, it illuminated her ability to lead people through their darkest nights into freedom and joy. Yielding to her deepest inner calling (while recognizing her own growth will never end), she began the process of “coming out of my spiritual closet.” And, returning to Boston in 2016, established Come to Center to share the joy and freedom of living a conscious life.

Since then, she has been studying and developing holistic models of healing and collective liberation while inviting others to know themselves beyond an ego-centric paradigm. Her work guides people to their own inner harmonic and the wholeness already within them. Demystifying the mystical and helping people embody their truth, joy and power – lies at the core of her work here at Come to Center.

Ishita lives in service of truth, love, beauty and joy. While she ascribes to no single teacher or tradition- Life is her greatest Guru- her growth has been nurtured by those who walk beside her in the seen and the unseen, including key insights from:

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (Advaita Vedanta),
Steve Ulicny (Trancendental Meditation/Vedanta),
Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (Isha Yoga),
Dr. Lorraine Delear (Luminous Awareness),
Joe Hudson (Business + Consciousness),
Dr. Karyne Wilner (Core Energetics),
Kate Rafferty (Transformational Kinesiology),
Dr. Bob (Ascension),
Yvonne Moura (Reiki).

*featured photo by Nikki via Flickr