Ishita’s Story


Ishita Sharma was born in Haridwar, India and lives in the United States. Following profound experiences of knowing her own wholeness and interconnectedness with All There Is, she has dedicated herself to a life of service to help others embody the truth of their own perfection and divinity, living from beyond ego-based paradigms while embracing the fullness of being human.

Ishita has spent her life asking questions that have no answers, pushing curiosities to the edges of knowing, while making and celebrating beauty, truth and wonder!

Her restless investigations into the fundamentals of being began as a child in the foothills of the Garhwal Himalayas. Fascinated by but skeptical of the rich religious and spiritual mythology, she looked for a framework to explain what felt obvious but impossible to explain- the underlying oneness of all things, an intimate connection to what she only later recognized as the Divine.

At 18 she took her first flight alone, leaving her homeland and family to move to the US to pursue a multidisciplinary education. Questioning the most elemental constructs of life, often taken for granted, drove her explorations of the world, self and humanness through physics, creative writing, art and design.

Exploring and assimilating a foreign culture, finding the intersections of the universal and particular within herself and the world around her, Ishita practiced as an architect, moonlighting as a columnist, photographer and a multi-disciplinary artist. This rich period fueled rapid growth through personal, relational, professional and spiritual struggles and triumphs.

Intrigued by the contrast in community life in India vs the US, she sought to use design as a tool to mitigate disconnection, depression, isolation and overconsumption, asking- how can we connect people to themselves, each other and natural rhythms using space and form?

Grappling with steel and concrete on one end, and her place in the Everything on another, she quickly encountered the incapacity of her chosen discipline to address the enormity of her longing to serve and address the core of the human condition. And the big questions of being remained…

Until, right as her own spirituality came calling, so did too an intimate brush with toxic power dynamics in her corporate job and the death of a decade long relationship. All her notions of self, community, culture and relationship fell apart. Standing at this inflection point forced her to reckon with the edges between conformity and sovereignty, familiar and foreign, true power and victimhood, love and suffering, and the places in her that are oppressed by and perpetuate social, familial and professional norms.

Freedom from fear came knocking as clarity. The socio-cultural narratives surrounding her became transparent, and subsequently powerless. It was the beginning of the end of engaging obsolete oppressive structures- within and around her.

And one evening, standing in her bedroom, she found herself jumping up and down with joy, kissing her copy of the Bhagvad Gita, laughing hysterically at her beautiful, hungry and limited mind!

The game was up- she couldn’t deny to herself that what she had been seeking lay within, and had always been right there- and her incessant inquiry pointed outwards was just a way to delay that recognition.

Separating knowing and understanding, Ishita finally surrendered to the magnificent dimension of pure knowingness within her, and her role in the Everything.

As this surrender ripened, it began pointing her further inwards towards her self until she became quiet, clear and still. She had never been trained in meditation though she’d known for years it would be key in her life, but now the pull into the silence was palpable. Following an agenda-less inner arising to do so, she found herself sitting in silence each morning, right before it was time to leave for work. Meditation happened. Dimensions opened. As she sat attuning to life itself, her silence began to resound with tears of gratitude and the words “so much beauty, so much joy!”

Later, at age 29, a visit to the Kashmir Himalayas on family vacation brought her into an unexpected, profound and fundamental shift in consciousness. As her I-ness dissolved into pure, unbounded, awake and loving formlessness, it brought a direct recognition of the underlying wholeness and perfection in all things and events- even our deepest pain and suffering. Her deepest intuitions confirmed, she emerged humbled from the experience with a fundamental aspect of herself forever grounded in the loving silence that has still never gone away.

A quiet period of assimilation followed: falling in love, living and working in Boston, punctuated by deeper openings into expansive states of consciousness. These paradigmatic shifts created consistent inner and external re-structurings that eventually led her to leave her career in design and move to India with her then husband to “rest in being and create space for new becomings.”

As people started seeking her guidance on their inner journeys, it illuminated her ability to lead them through their darkest nights and deepest wounds, into freedom and joy born of true alignment.

Yielding to her deepest inner calling (while recognizing her own growth will never end), she began the process of consciously clearing her own vessel by healing inner wounds and “coming out of my spiritual closet.” And, returning to Boston in 2016, she established Come to Center to share the joy and freedom of living a conscious, connected life in contemporary times.

Since then, Ishita continues to study and develop holistic models of healing, awakening and embodiment for collective liberation.

Her work guides people to their own inner harmonic and wholeness. Demystifying the mystical and helping people embody their wholeness in relationship– lies at the core of her work here at Come to Center.