Ishita’s Story

Ishita has spent her life asking questions that had no answers, pushing them to their edges and celebrating beauty, truth and wonder! 

Her playful investigations into the fundamentals of being began as a child in the foothills of the Indian Himalayas, as she looked to the world for a framework to understand what she had always known- the underlying oneness of all things.

Existential, metaphysical questioning of the most elemental constructs of life often taken for granted, drove her explorations of the world, self and others through art, literature, physics, architecture and age old spiritual wisdom.

Even as a young child she was mesmerized by tales of honor and transcendence, growing up in a spiritual vortex nestled in the foothills. At 18 she took her first international flight, leaving her home and family to move to the US for school. Innately joyful, she used her personal and professional triumphs and struggles to grow rapidly and through them, built trust in her inner knowing.

Ishita practiced as an architect for about a decade while moonlighting as a columnist, photographer and an multi-disciplinary artist. Grappling with steel and concrete on one end, and the essence of our humanity on another, she evolved into a multidisciplinary designer and thinker. But the big questions of being remained…

As her search ripenedit began pointing her inwards towards her self until she got quiet, clear and still. Humbled, surrendering to Life- her ultimate Guru, separating her own inner knowing from understanding, the thirst in her search for truth was finally quenched.  

The dissolution of her I-ness into pure, aware formlessness and the experience of unitive consciousness, at last quietened her bottomless curiosity. All while working a rigorous job and falling in love! The quickly dissolving world-views led her to step away from all that was familiar into a period of assimilation back in her homeland.

Her experiences have fueled an ongoing exploration of holistic models of healing, scientific frameworks of spirituality and body-mind-spirit integration and behavior. Ishita ascribes to no single teacher, guru, or tradition. While her own experience is her greatest teacher, Ishita is aided by key insights from guides both in the physical and the unseen including Nisargadatta Maharaj & Ramana Maharishi, (Advaita Vedanta), Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (Isha Yoga), Steve Ulicny (TM/Vedas), Joe Hudson (Business and Facilitation), Kate Rafferty (Transformational Kinesiology), Karyne Wilner (Core Energetics) and many more.

Ishita’s life is dedicated to clearing out her own vessel, while helping others clear theirs. Her work facilitates leading others to their own inner harmonic and the wisdom and peace already within them. Helping people reconnect with the essential within them lies at the core of her work here at Come to Center.

Ishita values and encourages engaging consciously and meaningfully in the world, without becoming entangled with it.

She knows when you come to center and act from it, you are good, strong, whole and free. Intentions, thoughts, words and actions align, your life and every encounter with it is sweeter, lighter and yes, better!

She no longer believes in The Truth, but has found Truth, in which she is finally home. And part of her life’s work is helping you find yours.

*featured photo by Nikki via Flickr