Slow Space

Step outside ordinary space into slow space…

Slowing down sparks alchemy, within and between us…

Amidst personal and global chaos, there has never been a more important time to stay connected to our core and each other; to remember what is essential and root ourselves in it. Slow Space is designed to help you do exactly that.

Join us for experiential learning and replenishment to step out of ordinary mind into unusual perspectives on your desires and challenges.

Join us for connection, insight and expansion

We’ll take our time, get real, get curious and practice relating from our center- that place within each of us that is good, strong, whole and free, regardless of circumstance.

Leave behind all ideas of who you should be and show up as what you actually are. When you do, you may discover laughter, tears, warmth, release, connection, new friends and new ways to look at yourself and life…

We’ll dive into themed explorations using games, meditations, embodiment and energetic practices, relational dynamics and your innate intelligence.

Bring your curiosity, openness and anything you’d need to make yourself comfortable. 

Andy Cahill, Coach
Mindful Creative

“Ishita is a master coach, facilitator, and healer and she cultivates incredibly powerful experiences that foster emotional freedom, courage, and personal authenticity. My wife and I got to attend a special session with Ishita last month, and it had a massive positive impact on our relationship. Can’t recommend it enough!

You’re welcome! ; )


* Play, wonder and FUN!
* Slowing down- resetting from reactive auto-pilot habits of attention.
* Connecting with your felt-sense.
* Being deeply seen by and seeing others.
* Transforming fear to access a deeper intelligence within.
* Expanded perspectives on your dreams and challenges.
* Practices you can apply immediately to realize more ease and freedom!

Space is limited to facilitate depth, please RSVP in advance to reserve your spot. Register to receive the zoom link.

Each gathering is themed and guided by the participants’ wants and needs. You will leave looking at yourself, others and life in a new way.
We look forward to meeting you in slow space!

If you have any questions, contact Ishita here.

About the facilitator

A mentor, mirror and mystic, Ishita Sharma is the Founding Director of Come to Center.

She helps clients heal disconnects and mine the gold hidden in everyday challenges to live a life that is fulfilling, engaged and joyful!

Come share a connected, vibrant, fulfilling life with us!

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